Why Bettors Keep Losing in Sports Betting?

Betting on sports is extremely popular among Singaporeans and Malaysians. With great prizes to win, it completes their sports viewing experience.

However, bettors need well-established strategies to increase their winning probabilities in Singapore betting It is crucial as placing bets on sports is not a game of chances. At first, you may win by luck, but that won’t bring long-term results. 

Beating the bookmakers with pure guesswork is impossible. Bettors should know that bookies analyse every team, player, and event using historical data and recent statistical figures. Moreover, following tips or gut feelings will only lead to poor decision making. The result is undoubtedly a losing streak.

Taking chances in the Singapore Pools football fixtures or Malaysia horse racing live today will end in consecutive losses if bettors keep on doing the following:

Why Bettors Keep Losing in Sports Betting?

Poor Bankroll Management

Bankroll refers to money bettors risk losing and use for betting solely on sports. Bankroll management comes after as this is the stage where bettors will establish rules on how much they stake on any wager. Bettors should be disciplined in applying the rules they set by themselves to bet responsibly.

A bettor’s bankroll helps him monitor the money going in and out while betting on sports. It is crucial that bettors, especially beginners, diligently keep track of it. 

The absence of proper bankroll management is a good way to lose your money. For instance, most bettors double their stake recklessly to get back their losses.

Chasing Losses

As mentioned earlier, bettors chase their losses until finally exhausting all of their finances. Losing is natural in betting, but it usually hits bettors different. A slump in betting on Singapore Pools sports might cause them to lose their rational thinking and bet impulsively. Bettors aiming to win should not lose the long-term mindset.

A bettor has to stop betting immediately and relax after losing consecutively. Doing this prevents them from committing the “gambler’s fallacy”. This occurs when bettors believe that something different will happen after consecutive losses. As a result, they keep betting to chase their initial losses. However, such an assumption will only result in losses since losing is the norm in betting.

So, be disciplined enough to control your betting habit.

Betting Without Researching

Research distinguishes winning bettors from their losing counterparts. Some people bet on a particular team because it is the favourite to win the tournament. Others bet by depending on luck. Others still bet based on their research.

Even underdogs can pull off the most surprising upsets. Football matches and horse races are unpredictable, making it difficult to guess who will win. Listening to tipsters is also a no-go with no research. Tips might only confuse rookie bettors who fall to them quickly.

Betting on a whim without researching is the same as betting for no reason. Bettors have to watch and analyse games, check the teams or players’ statistics, previous matches, etc. Instead of relying solely on sportsbooks, bettors can increase their winning chances through critical thinking backed by data.

Chasing Losses

Unfamiliar with Different Betting Markets

Some tipsters might suggest bettors bet in a specific betting market as winning is easy. Sadly, this can’t be true all the time. There are horse racing bets that sound simple but are tricky, and the risk of losing money is imminent. The same goes for football betting. Below are some of the best soccer betting markets for beginners:

 Those are the perfect starters before betting in the four hardest goal-based wagers, namely:

 Aside from researching the sports, bettors should also study how each betting markets work. Doing this at least lessens their chance of losing their stake.


Earning money from sports betting takes time and effort as losing several bets is unavoidable. Luck will not always be there. So, bettors have to practice bankroll management, avoid chasing losses, and research on the sports and the different betting markets.

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