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Singapore Pools Betting: Benefits of Over/Under Market

Many sports bettors who have frequented Singapore Pools to bet on their favourite soccer teams and matches have likely seen the over/under market. Bettors might also notice the Handicap version of the market. The idea is still basically the same.

The over/under totals market gives bettors more flexibility by letting them bet on the flow of the match and not the actual outcome. Similar to a few other betting markets, winning through the over/under market is not dependent on whether a team wins or not. All that matters is that bettors know whether the final score is over or under a specific score. This market is great for bettors because there’s always a chance that a match ends up goalless, and betting under a certain score will allow bettors to win even when neither team scores a single goal. Bettors can also win in a goalless match by betting on the following:

While it’s possible to win in such markets, the over/under market is relatively simpler than the others, with the possible exception of the BTTS and Odd/Even market.

Singapore Pools Betting: Benefits of Over/Under Market

How Over/Under Works

Sportsbooks determine the over/under number using math, experience, and intuition. In soccer, most matches have an over/under number of 2.5 due to how low the scores in a typical match are, but other sports and higher or even lower scoring soccer matches have varied over/under numbers.

The over/under number doesn’t always have a decimal, and sportsbooks also offer exact numbers in the market, effectively giving bettors a chance to push. Most bookmakers avoid exact numbers to avoid a push and only offer them when adding or subtracting a half-point skews the betting handle in one direction too far.

The totals also include overtime, so anyone who placed an over 227.5 bet on an NBA game and both teams are tied, and the total is already close to the total line can still have a chance of winning in the overtime.

Benefits of Over/Under Bets

Not Betting on the Outcome

The best benefit of using the over/under market is that bettors don’t need to figure out which team will win or if a match will end in a draw. Bettors will have a more flexible betting experience with the over/under market, especially if they already have an idea on how a game will end up but not on who will win.

Instead of betting on who will win, they can focus more on the final score without figuring out the exact total score or whether both teams can score a goal.

Being Able to Bet Because Bettors Hate Both Teams

Not all sports bettors are professional and shy away from having biases that dictate which team they’ll bet on. In fact, one can say that most bettors have their respective favourites. However, bettors will likely encounter matches where their most hated teams are playing, and they won’t probably want to root for either team by betting on them.

The over/under market allows bettors to simply choose the under bet and hope that either team won’t score. Bettors tend to view betting as a way of support, and betting under can be interpreted as a way of profiting from both teams’ loss or low scores.

Betting on emotion may not be a great idea, but bettors are human, and there is a chance that their feelings will rule when they see the teams they hate are playing.

Different Approach to Betting Strategies

Sports bettors can have a different approach when strategising how to place their bets using the over/under market. The strategy’s arguably simpler than that of the odd/even market, and bettors can have an easier time betting on Singapore Pools’ football fixtures with over/under.

The following are the possible strategies bettors can use in the over/under market:

Bet Based on a Team’s Defense

Most bettors are too focused on offence when factoring in on who’ll win and checking on defence to see whether the opposing team can defend against goals. People might consider defence when Singapore Pools’ soccer odds for the underdogs are too good to pass up.

In the over/under market, bettors can focus on defence more to guess how many goals the teams might give up. Bettors can check the teams’ individual defensive matchups to see if there’s a mismatch on who’s defending against who. Any potential mismatch can result in goals being scored and a significant factor of betting over, and if there aren’t any mismatches, they can bet under.

Bettors will still need to look into the team’s offense since matches with poor scorers will likely have low scores, regardless of how good or bad the teams’ defense are.

Check the Weather Conditions

In soccer, one of the most significant factors in a game’s flow is the weather. Some soccer matches can continue even during stormy weather and even result in surprising wind-assisted goals. However, such goals aren’t common, and goalkeepers will benefit from bad weather and keep the other team from scoring goals.

When betting in Singapore Pools’ live matches, bettors can immediately bet under and have a good chance of winning as long as there are no lucky goals.

Check the Weather Conditions

Take Advantage of Multiple Lines When Available

As mentioned above, different sports and different matches can have different total lines. Any bettor who has a better idea of whether a particular match will be low-scoring or high-scoring can take advantage of any profitable odds the sportsbook offers for other total lines.


The over/under market offers bettors a great deal of flexibility for sports bettors by providing better chances of winning and allowing for other strategies. Many bettors, including newer ones, can confidently place either over or an under bet even without sufficient research, and they’ll have a 50/50 chance of winning.

Bettors who want to have a less-stressful time betting might want to try out this betting market. They only need to register in a trustworthy Singapore casino or an online casino in Malaysia that offers great odds.

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