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Why More People Aren’t Winning at Horse Betting – Infographic

Horse betting in Singapore and Malaysia is extremely popular, and many bettors love it due to how exciting the races are, and large bets simply add to the excitement. It’s rare to see large crowds cheering and yelling and then groaning with sounds of defeat outside horse betting, especially since not all sports fans place bets and everyone watching a sport is likely a fan.

We mentioned that many people groan in defeat in racetracks, and that’s because a lot of people lose. Many bettors lose because they don’t know how to bet, mainly on what things to consider when placing bets. Below are some of the things that bettors fail to account for when placing bets.

Why More People Aren’t Winning at Horse Betting

The Competition

Rookie horse racing bettors will have a hard time processing the necessary information to win bets. Most of them will only look at one horse or bet randomly without researching.

People betting on horse races in physical betting shops can get a race brochure that breaks down each race and provides a detailed account of the horses’ previous races. Rookie bettors will likely only check the brochure to see which horse had a seemingly good history of winning. The brochure will contain information on the past races’ conditions, distance, and finishing position.

Many bettors won’t likely look into the competition and only focus on a horse that won its last race without considering that it won in a weak field. Simply focusing on one horse is risky since the particular horse might lose in a race that people think it should win and win in people think it should lose.

Online horse bettors will need to look into past racecards and check for different analyses and comments to understand different horses better.

The Jockey

Jockeys are important in horse racing since they’re the ones controlling the horse. The horses may be the ones doing the heavy lifting in a race, but the jockeys are responsible for getting the most out of a horse.

Bettors must look for the best horse and jockey combo to find the winning horse. A better alternative is finding the best horse trainer and jockey combo.

The Starting Positions

Historically, the best starting position in the Kentucky Derby is the No. 2 post. The jockeys also prefer the No.3 to No. 10 positions because there is a lesser chance of getting pinned along the rail, unlike the No. 1 position. An old 2010 article by stated that 96 Kentucky Derby winners came from the No.2 to No. 10 posts.

Eleven out of 21 Kentucky Derby winners since 2000 started from the No. 13 position or higher, which means that horses starting in lower positions still have a good chance of winning.

When betting on races outside the Kentucky Derby, bettors should consider the horse whose starting position prevents them from easily getting pinned or compressed.

The Track Conditions

Most bettors are more concerned about the horses themselves when picking which horse to bet on and completely ignore the track’s condition. Not all horses perform the same, and some run better on turf, soft ground, or dirt tracks.

Besides the track itself, bettors should also consider the weather and adjust their bets by taking the weather’s effects into account.

Other Aspects Besides Speed

Speed is critical in races, and the fastest racer will undoubtedly win unless they lose their speed for one reason or another. Horse A may have run faster than Horse B only because horse B got tangled up in the starting gate, but is actually a better horse.

Speed alone is not enough to determine the winner in a race, and bettors must gather more information, like the ones we mentioned above. When looking for a horse to bet on, bettors should consider speed, starting position, horse’s condition, weather, and others.


Many horse bettors don’t win their bets because they focus too much on the fastest horse and disregard everything else. Once people research the other horses and other essential aspects of a race, they can benefit from Singapore Pools’ horse racing odds.

Bettors only need to register in a Singapore or Malaysia online casino with great sportsbooks. They can register at CM2Bet and start betting on horse races. Horse bettors can also take advantage of exotic bets like the exacta bet when considering what we discussed above while betting in a reliable online casino.

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