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Singapore Pools Betting: What is Exacta Bet in Horse Racing

Many people worldwide enjoy betting on horse races since there’s simply no other sport in the world quite like it. Motor races can’t compare to Singapore Pools horse racing since bettors can get an idea on which horse is in top shape for the race and have an idea on who will win even before the race. There’s no way to know which vehicle is well-maintained and which driver is in top condition in motor races.

Sports bettors have countless ways to bet on big and small races through a reliable gambling site. Sports bettors can choose from several possible bets when betting on horses, including the exacta bet.

What is the Exacta Bet?

The exacta bet is a great place to start when learning about exotic bets. Exacta bets are also known as perfecta or exactor bets, where bettors have to choose two horses that they’ll think will finish as the top two in the race. As sports bettors can think when hearing the word “exacta,” the bettors must predict the exact finishing order of the two horses chosen.

Because the bettors can know who’ll win and place or finish second by checking on the horses, it’s possible to win an exacta bet. However, if they aren’t confident that they can predict the top two and the finishing order correctly, they can box their horses to cover all the possible combinations. Doing so, however, increases the cost of betting.

What is the Exacta Bet?

How Much is the Minimum Stake?

Depending on the race track, sports bettors can bet a minimum stake of either $1 or $2.

Different Types of Exacta Bets

As stated above, bettors can box their horses to have better Singapore Pools horse racing odds, which means that they can either bet on boxed horses or the straight exacta. Sports bettors also have other options in horse racing, like the exacta wheel.

Straight Exacta

Sports bettors pick two horses and the order they believe they’ll win and place. If the bettors get it right, they win. If they get the order wrong, even when both horses win and place, they lose their bet.

Straight exacta is the most straightforward exacta bet.

Exacta Box

Exacta Box

While the straight exacta is straightforward and easy to understand, the box is more flexible and allows bettors to win better. An exacta bet allows sports bettors to select more horses that they think will win or place.

One scenario is when a bettor places a $2 box on the number 2 and 4 horses in a box and ending up with 2-4, with number 2 winning and number 4 placing, and 4-2, with number 4 winning and number 2 placing, bets to cover the possibility of the two horses placing. Should the number 4 horse win and the number 2 place, the bettor will still win. If the bettor placed $2 on the 2-4 horses, they’d have to bet $4 for the additional bet on the 4-2 horses. Another scenario is adding the number 3 horse to the bet and ending up with the following bets:

  • 2-3
  • 3-2
  • 2-4
  • 4-2
  • 3-4
  • 4-2

The exacta box isn’t limited to only two horses, and the bettors can select as many horses as they want. However, doing so will increase the bet size. The following are the total costs of exacta box bets when adding a horse:

  • 3 horses = $12
  • 4 horses = $42
  • 5 horses = $120
  • 6 horses = $240

Adding more horses may increase the chances of winning a bet, but the bet can end up having a higher cost than the winnings. When betting on eight horses, the bettor can earn $30 after spending about $680. Not all bettors can afford to bet so much only to win so little, and this even takes away the excitement from the whole betting experience.

Exacta Wheel

The exacta wheel bet allows bettors to select at least one horse that they think will win and then bet on other horses as well, similar to an exacta box. The only difference is that a wheel is cheaper than a box since the bet will end up looking like what’s listed below if the bettor wagered on 4 as the winner and 1, 2, and 5 placing:

  • 4-1
  • 4-2
  • 4-5

Compared to the box, the wheel is cheaper since a $2 wheel in the configuration above totals to only a $6 three-horse wheel bet compared to a $12 three-horse box. This is because the wheel does not cover all the possibilities, unlike the exacta box. However, unlike the box, the wheel improves the odds without negatively affecting the profits like how the box eventually does.

Highest Payout in Exacta Bet

The exacta bet and its different bet types are attractive for horse racing bettors since they can help improve their odds of winning. Exacta bets can lead to significant payouts, and the biggest one so far was on a race in 2005, at least in the Kentucky Derby, when the horse Giacomo finished first, and Closing Argument finished second. The payout was $9,814.80 for the straight exacta bet.

Other exactas have lower payouts, like the straight exacta of Sunday Silence winning and Easy Goer placing that only had a $15.20 payout in the Kentucky Derby in 1989.

Sports bettors have to be careful when betting straight exactas.

Which is Better, Exacta or Trifecta?

The highest payout in a trifecta in the Kentucky Derby was in the same year as the exacta’s highest payout. The highest trifecta payout right now is $133,134.80, where Afleet Alex finished third. The trifecta’s payout is extremely higher than that of the highest exacta, but the odds are long. Most bettors will likely avoid it because they only have a small chance of winning.

Bettors will have a better chance of making money through an exacta, making it better for bettors in that regard.

Singapore Turf Club Equivalent

Singaporean bettors have a more limited selection of bets they can make through Singapore Turf Club for SG horse betting, and they don’t have access to bets similar to an exacta. The forecast is the only bet that’s remotely similar to an exacta, namely the exacta box. The only exception is that the bettor only makes one bet in a forecast and not counting the combination as two bets.


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