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Singapore Pools Betting: Possible Bets in Horse Racing – Infographics

Betting on horse racing events can be confusing for first-time bettors due to the different betting language used in the sport compared to soccer. Horse betting in Singapore is an exciting way to bet and earn money, but it has quite a learning curve, mainly because there are multiple bets available.

Some bets are easier to win in but have lower returns, while others are harder but have better returns.

Singapore Pools Betting: Possible Bets in Horse Racing

Straight Bets

Straight bets are the most straightforward bets to understand, and they only consist of Win, Place, and Show bets.

· Win Bets

Win bets are won when your horse crosses the finish line first.

· Place Bets

Place bets are won when your horse crosses the finish line first or second.

· Show Bets

Show bets are won when your horse crosses the finish line first, second, or third.

Exotic Bets

Horse racing bettors can bet on two types of exotic bets, the horizontal and vertical bets. Exotic bets are essentially horse racing parlays that either requires betting on two to six races or predicting the exact order of the horses finishing in a race.

Horizontal Exotic Bets

Horizontal bets are essentially parlays where people place bets on consecutive races before the first race of the series begins. Bettors can place a Daily Double, a Pick 3, a Pick 4, a Pick 5, and a Pick 6 where bettors must bet on two, three, four, five, and six races, respectively. The bettor has to correctly predict which horse will finish first on each race before the first one starts.

Vertical Exotic Bets

Vertical bets are different from horizontal bets in that bettors must predict the correct finishing order of one race. Bettors have the option of betting on Exactas, Trifectas, and Superfectas, where bettors must bet on the top two, top three, and top four in the correct order, respectively.


The quinella is essentially the same as a boxed exacta. Bettors only need to choose two horses that will finish first and second in a race, regardless of the order. Despite a boxed exacta and the quinella being nearly the same, they have different Singapore Pools horse racing odds.

When to Bet on a Quinella and a Boxed Exacta

When choosing between a quinella and a boxed exacta, the general rule of thumb is that you should box an exacta if you want the horse with the higher odds to finish first and the horse with the lower odds to finish second. If you want the other result, you should bet on a quinella since the exactas are more likely to pay less.

The different bets have different odds. Once gamblers know how they want to wager, they can look for a trusted online casino Singapore that offers live horse betting events or a sportsbook Singapore to bet on where there’s no risk of getting scammed. CM2Bet is a reliable online casino for both sports bettors and gamblers to play in. Register now at and play with us.

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