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Why Play Online Casino Games in Live Casinos

Thanks to the advancements in mobile technology and the gamblers’ increasing awareness of mobile casinos, the number of people gambling in online casinos increased exponentially. During the start of the pandemic when the brick-and-mortar casinos had to close down to keep COVID infections low.

Online casinos typically offer RNG or Random Number Generator-based games like online slots, but live casinos offer games where the gamblers see a human dealer streaming. The gambler will essentially play against a human when playing a live table game like baccarat and blackjack instead of having a computer dealer generate random outcomes. A blackjack strategy dependent on basic strategy and card counting will only be effective in a live match.

Playing games in live casinos has multiple benefits for gamblers, starting from the variety of games they can play.

Games in Live Casinos

Why Play Online Casino Games in Live Casinos

Live Blackjack

Live blackjack is one of the most popular card games in casinos since it is fairly easy to play and has a relatively low house edge. Blackjack players can profit from the game if they know how to play. The blackjack tables are often overcrowded since the game is popular, and many people have even been able to make a lot of money from the game.

Some blackjack high rollers have also been banned from brick-and-mortar casinos and had to disguise themselves to continue playing because of how they used basic strategy and card counting to win. There may be a lesser chance for people to get banned for counting cards when playing online.

Live Baccarat

Live baccarat is popular with many people because it has the lowest house edge among casino games. People argue that baccarat is the perfect game to make a profit because of the house edge and the simplicity of the game.

Live Poker

Live poker is another popular game with a type that is particularly popular with many gamblers – Texas Hold’em. Gamblers have access to different poker tables, depending on if they’re ordinary or VIP players.

Why Play Online Casino Games in Live Casinos

Benefits of Playing in Live Casinos

Playing in live casinos is different from simply playing online casino games since live casinos let gamblers interact with real people instead of feeling like they’re only playing video games or a slot machine because of the RNG. Many people have distrust RNG since their strategies are useless in such games, and they believe that casinos still have some control over the results.

Playing Against Human Dealers

As mentioned before, people will play against human dealers and not a computer when they play in live casinos. The experience becomes real when gamblers see a live human being dealing cards or spinning a wheel, especially when the gambler talks through chat and the dealer responds through the stream.

The communication between the gambler and the live dealer improves the feel of a live casino and creates a more memorable betting experience.

Play Live on the Go

People playing in mobile-friendly online casinos can play live games even when they’re traveling. Gamblers can register at CM2Bet, a live casino Singapore, to play live baccarat and blackjack even when they’re in the middle of a trip.

Full Availability

Unlike traditional casinos that have schedules, online casinos operate around the clock, and the staff works in shifts. Anyone who wants to gamble in the middle of the night can do so since there will be people still operating tables at that time.

No Dress Code to Follow

Most traditional casinos typically have dress codes that people must follow to enter the casino. If you’re not wearing the proper attire, there’s no chance that you’ll get to play. When playing through online casinos, there’s no chance for the management to check what you’re wearing. You can even play when you’re in the toilet.

Unlike in online business meetings, there’s no need for people to dress like James Bond when playing blackjack since the dealer won’t see them anyway. Only the gambler can see the dealer and what happens at the table.

Being able to use Betting Strategies

As mentioned before, live games are not dependent on RNG, and the outcomes are not entirely random. Because live games are not random and the gamblers interact with a human being, they can test their betting strategies and see if they’re profitable or otherwise.

Live casinos also offer other things to players:

  • Nice website design
  • No deception because the cameras record everything
  • Constant communication with support service
  • Attention to the players’ needs

Being able to Observe a Game Without Placing Bets

Traditional casinos are typically fast-paced, and it’s hard to observe a game without embarrassing or annoying anyone. Not every player will want someone looking at how they play, and spectators will likely embarrass or annoy any player that’s already having a hard time.

Playing online casino games in live casinos allows the bettor to observe how people bet even if they don’t want to play.

Transparent Results

The casino shoots the game in real-time, allowing gamblers to see what’s going on and have a better sense of security than when just playing a game that isn’t live, like slots. Gamblers won’t have to worry about the dealer cheating them or getting distracted by other players or the staff to cheat them out of their money.

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