Blackjack Strategy Guide: Importance of Card Counting – Infographic

Gamblers can only succeed and make money when they have an effective betting strategy, making it necessary to understand basic strategy. Reading and understanding a blackjack basic strategy guide can help people get an edge against the casino, but they’ll also need to understand card counting.

Card counting is impossible to achieve if the gamblers don’t understand basic strategy since it is the foundation for people to beat the game. Basic strategy shows gamblers the game’s basic rules and tells when they should hit, stand, double down, split, or surrender.

Counting cards allow people to determine the likelihood of whether the next cards will be good for the player or not. Mastering card counting will enable people to predict which cards will come next accurately by keeping track of the game’s cards.

Blackjack Strategy Guide Importance of Card Counting

Importance of Basic Strategy

Card counting gives gamblers the chance to alter basic strategy to make better betting decisions. A blackjack strategy based on basic strategy gives people the edge they need to decrease their financial losses.

Many gamblers have won multiple games thanks to basic strategy since it gives the mathematically correct decisions that the bettor must make to minimize losses. Card counting systems can then be formulated for serious players to use when playing.

How Card Counting Systems Work

Reliable card counting systems don’t guarantee players a 100% chance of winning, and it’s still impossible to win every single hand. Card counting gives gamblers vital information that lets them make great choices to decrease their chances of losing. By understanding basic strategy, the gamblers can improve their game and ensure bigger winnings.

There are various card counting systems to choose from, but the main idea is always about taking advantage of the card’s information on the table. Not all systems are easy to understand, and gamblers can have difficulty remembering the different variations in a noisy casino. However, people playing at their leisure in an online casino can have an easier time remembering them.

Card Counting Takes Time to Master

Many seasoned gamblers have already won millions from playing blackjack thanks to card counting. Counting cards don’t necessarily require a bettor to memorize which cards were played in the game, but a system can help those with poor memorization skills. People need to monitor how many Aces and 10 value cards are remaining in the shoe, and one way to do this is by keeping track of the low cards to high cards ratio.

How to Count Cards

Counting cards has a system that can help people remember what cards have been played and what cards are remaining. Counting cards can be broken into four steps:

- Assign A Value to the Cards

Hi-Lo is the most common card counting system in use, and the values are set as follows:

– 2-6 = +1

– 7-9 = 0

– 10-Ace= -1

As each card is dealt, you will add 1, subtract 1, or do nothing based on each card’s value.

The gambler assigns a value to each card dealt. They either add 1, subtract 1, or do nothing based on the card’s value.

- Keep a Running Count Based On the Dealt Cards' Values

For every card dealt in a game, the gambler must keep a running count by adding or subtracting the cards’ values. Card counters do this for each card that goes out of the shoe. The gambler does this for every round until the dealer shuffles the cards.

If the running count increases, the player gains the advantage. If the running count decreases, the casino gains the advantage.

- Calculate the “True Count”

Casinos started using multiple decks in a blackjack game to keep card counters from winning, but this move didn’t deter them as they translated their running count to a “True Count.” The true count or count per deck is a way to keep track of the cards remaining per deck.

A running count of +5 with six decks remaining means that there is still less than one high card remaining per deck, so the player doesn’t have an advantage yet. When there are multiple decks in play, the number of high cards remaining isn’t the only thing to look out for, but also the concentration of such cards compared to low ones.

A running count of +5 with one deck remaining means there are five extra 10’s and Aces remaining in the deck, giving the player an advantage over the house.

Gamblers can determine the true count by dividing the running count by the number of decks remaining. If the running count is +10 and five decks still remain, the true count is 2.

Using both basic strategy and card counting lets gamblers place good bets to ensure that they can win against the casino. The true count informs people how to change their playing strategy.

- Change Bets as the True Count Changes

Keeping count of the cards dealt is essential to know when the casino suddenly gets the advantage, allowing the gambler to adjust their bets and reduce the amount of losses. Without changing how people play, the gambler will only continue losing.

Gamblers need to raise their bets when the true count rises to ensure that they can win big. Besides mastering basic strategy, it’s vital to have proper bankroll management to limit losses and have a chance to stake high once the true count rises.

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