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Casinos Reopened After COVID-19

Singapore reopened its casinos on July 1 after COVID-19 restrictions were eased to reopen the economy. Despite resuming their services, the casinos’ operations are still limited to minimize the gamblers’ chances and casino employees getting infected. Some casinos are operating at 30 to 50% capacity to allow people to continue betting.

Sports betting shops have also reopened after the government eased COVID-19 restrictions. The Pools’ Livewire properties now offer live sports betting but operate only at a maximum of only 50 guests.

Both betting shops and traditional casinos have opened up while operating under strict health and safety protocols to reduce the chance of the novel coronavirus spreading. Establishments that ceased their operations last March reopened in July.

Few Gamblers Returning to Gambling in Traditional Casinos

Even though land-based casinos have finally resumed their operations, fewer Singaporeans are returning to gambling. This is partly due to many Singaporeans’ continuous decline of interest in gambling activities that also reduced problem gambling. The local gambling trend has been in a downward trend since 2010 after the launching of Genting Singapore’s Resorts World Sentosa (RWS), and Las Vegas Sands’ Marina Bay Sands (MBS).

Singapore’s gambling industry is currently more reliant on international gamblers than on local ones. As of October 30, people from both the Australian state of Victoria and mainland China can apply for an “Air Travel Pass” for flights that will arrive on or after November 6. If the applicants can demonstrate that they didn’t travel outside their respective zones in the 14 days before they arrived in Singapore, they’re exempted from Singapore’s 14-day COVID-19 quarantine policy. Singapore also exempted travelers from Australia, New Zealand, and Vietnam in the past.

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COVID-Positive Gamblers During Casino Reopening

Singapore’s Ministry of Trade and Industry stated that the casinos had to demonstrate that they can implement the necessary safe management measures to be allowed to reopen. The said measures include meeting density requirements, separation requirements, dispersing crowds, preventing bunching, having effective infection control and response plans like having good contact tracing capabilities and implementing disinfecting regimes. Despite these, there’s still a chance for COVID-positive individuals to get in.

Marina Bay Sands Pte Ltd and the casino at Resorts World Sentosa resumed its operations on July 1. The two casinos were visited by gamblers who are now confirmed to be COVID-19 positive days after reopening. This occurred despite precautions established to ensure the safety of both employees and gamblers.

Before casino operations resumed, many people started betting online since they couldn’t go to traditional casinos to play casino games. Most gamblers will likely continue online gambling to stay safe from any chance of getting infected.

Online Gambling Still on the Rise

The novel coronavirus pandemic brought most countries’ economies to a standstill to the point that even sports and gaming events were postponed or canceled. The sports betting industry suffered a hit during the first months when sports bettors ran out of games to bet on.

The online gambling industry, however, saw more people playing casino games online. Many gamblers now look for trusted online gambling sites to play baccarat, blackjack, online slots, and other games. Although several brick and mortar casinos have resumed their operations, there are still plenty of measures set in place that would limit the number of people who can play. The gamblers’ betting experience won’t be like how it was before the pandemic, and there’s still the fear of COVID-19.

Sports bettors who couldn’t bet on the sports they were familiar with could have migrated to online gambling and tried their luck on a slot machine, roulette, or various card games to try and make money. Some others might have decided to play in a live online casino to kill their boredom.

While the sports betting industry may have been negatively affected by the pandemic, the online gambling industry thrived.

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Online Gamblers Staying Online

Many gamblers have now experienced the benefits of playing in an online casino compared to a traditional one. Even if land-based casinos resume their operations, online gamblers might find fewer selections in a brick and mortar casino than in an online one.

People playing in traditional casinos can cash their money out instantly when they want to cut their losses or keep themselves from losing their winnings. Many gamblers will want to play live on-site because they can get their cash quickly. However, other people’s concerns regarding the pandemic can outweigh this benefit and prompt the gamblers to continue playing online even if they can only accumulate their winnings digitally.

Besides the ongoing concern regarding COVID-19, many gamblers might opt to remain as online gamblers because they can bet from the comforts of their home. They no longer need to leave and travel to place a bet since they can take out their laptop or mobile devices and go online to a trusted casino to play. Gamblers can play anytime and anywhere they want as long as they’re connected to the internet.

The gamblers can also choose whether to play in a live casino or look for games dependent on RNG. Live games are dependent on a dealer’s pace, while virtual games like flash soccer and other RNG-dependent give instant results, allowing people to bet continuously. There are also multiple live and virtual games available for people to bet on, so there’s no reason to get bored from playing only a small selection of games.

More People Starting Gambling Online

New gamblers who started playing in live casinos online to kill time or try and make money while stuck at home can quickly get started in online casinos. As long as the new gambler registers in a trusted casino, they won’t have to worry about anything detrimental to them.

There are plenty of rewards and bonuses in online casinos that can help newbies get started, including the 100% Welcome Bonus. Gambling becomes more attractive when there are various benefits available to the player. Even if land-based casinos return, it’s unlikely that they can offer more attractive bonuses than their online counterparts.

Thanks to many Singaporeans losing interest in gambling and knowing the benefits of online gambling, more bettors will likely play games in an online Singapore casino than traditional ones. Both Singaporean and foreign gamblers can either get started or continue their betting lives when they register at


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