Should You Gamble in Traditional or Online Casinos – Infographic

Many Singaporeans love to gamble, and many land-based casinos saw plenty of gamblers frequenting them before the coronavirus pandemic. Thanks to COVID-19, people can no longer go to traditional brick and mortar casinos because of various lockdown measures to limit the virus’s transmission.

Thanks to online casinos, gamblers can now engage in online gambling to continue enjoying the experience. Online and traditional casinos may seem to be the same, but they have respective differences that make them stand out.

Many people now play casino games online like online slots Singapore because they have no other options, but things can change when the pandemic ends. Once traditional casinos operate once more, many gamblers can weigh the pros and cons of continuing to gamble online and going to a casino to play.

Listed below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of playing in traditional casinos and playing online.

Should You Gamble in Traditional or Online Casinos - Infographic

Play Anytime in Online Casinos

People playing in casinos online can play games whenever they want since such casinos are open 24/7. An SG online casino has multiple games ranging from live casino games to online slots. Gamblers can test their baccarat and blackjack strategy anytime they want, and they won’t have to wait for other players to finish their game to get their turn.

Because a traditional casino is a physical location that people frequent to gamble in, there will be many people on-site, and gamblers will have to wait their turn to play. The area can also get crowded, and gamblers can get pressured with how they play, resulting in bad decisions that can lead to losing more money.

Bet Quickly in Online Casinos

Land-based casinos have live dealers who work at a particular pace, resulting in possible delays when playing. The dealers won’t be able to deal cards exceptionally quickly, and there can also be more delays when retrieving losing chips and counting winnings.

Slot games in traditional casinos also take time to stop spinning and show the results. The time it takes for the result to appear can also delay and limit the number of games a gambler can play.

Playing casino game online roulette and other online casino games gives gamblers the option to play live or virtual games reliant on RNG or Random Number Generator. Live casino games will still be dependent on a dealer’s pace, but slot machines will have an option to speed up the machine.

Playing in an online casino lets people gamble even if they only have a few minutes to kill in a day, while gambling in a traditional casino exhausts more time.

More Game Varieties Online

Land-based casinos have limitations on the number and types of games they offer because of the location’s space, while online casinos don’t face such problems. Gamblers have plenty of options when gambling online, as their trusted casino can have multiple games like roulette, blackjack, baccarat, poker, slots, and even sports betting. As stated before, the players won’t even have to wait for anything to start playing such games.

Traditional casinos also tend to have minimum bet requirements that some gamblers may not afford in the long run. On the other hand, online casinos don’t usually have minimum requirements. Their bonuses will likely offset any problems a gambler might have if there was a minimum requirement.

Online casinos can afford to offer various rewards and bonuses for online gamblers to use, which is something that land-based casinos can’t do due to the costs of having a physical location.

Cash Out Instantly in Traditional Casinos

Playing in online casinos allows gamblers to accumulate winnings digitally, but they can’t cash the money out as quickly as those playing in traditional casinos. Gamblers in land-based casinos can instantly get their chips and exchange them for cash whenever they want, letting them have some money on-hand to grab a bite as they go home.

Online gamblers might have to wait for some time until their winnings get to their bank accounts. However, the money that goes to the bank account is arguably more secure than the gambler’s winnings that they cash out from a land-based casino.


Both online and land-based casinos have distinct advantages and disadvantages that affect one’s betting experience. Playing in a traditional casino can provide a thrilling experience that online casinos lack. Still, those who can only spare a few minutes on a game might favor online casinos for their convenience.

Singaporean gamblers need only to register in a trusted online casino to ensure that they can have a good time playing different casino games. Register now at and try playing our wide variety of games.

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