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Why the Online Gambling Industry Thrives Despite COVID-19

Thanks to COVID-19, multiple sports events were canceled, and casinos were closed to stop the novel coronavirus spread. Sports bettors and gamblers ran out of games to play and had their mobility limited due to various lockdown orders.

Despite the difficulties posed by the global coronavirus pandemic, many operators and gamblers managed to adapt and continue their regular betting experience from a remote location. Many gamblers now play casino games like the slot machine, poker, baccarat, blackjack, and even soccer betting Singapore online as they register in online casinos to continue gambling.

Online gambling sites allowed people to continue placing bets, allowing the gambling industry to thrive even amidst the pandemic. Even without football and horse racing, some of the most popular sports to bet on, sports bettors were still able to bet on e-sports, virtual games, and the few games and sports still taking place in other parts of the world until the more popular sports events and leagues returned.

COVID-19 failed to cripple the gambling industry, and gambling will remain in the world.

Rise of Online Casinos

As stated before, online gambling sites rose and allowed people to continue betting. Many traditional casinos closed down to limit the gamblers’ outdoor activities and prevent the spread of COVID-19. Online casinos saw a significant spike in the number of people betting online. Some betting sites saw about a 200 percent increase in traffic with similar trends seen in other websites.

There are plenty of online games to choose from, and many people now play blackjack and baccarat online while also being able to study blackjack strategy and tips for other games to increase their chances of winning.

By registering in an online casino in Singapore, many Singaporean gamblers can play some of the exciting slot games to look out for in 2020 or figure out how to play baccarat online or win at roulette and other games from their homes. There are also live casinos still in operation during the pandemic where people can play live games instead of those dependent on a random number generator.

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Rise of Esports Betting

Because there are plenty of online casinos available for people to bet in, many sports bettors shifted to other gambling methods since they ran out of games to bet on. One notable shift is towards esports betting, especially since more and more people started playing video games and bettors started gambling online. Watching and betting on esports were already popular among gamers in the past, but the pandemic made it more popular since many people ran out of live games to watch and bet on.

As people looked for what they could bet on during the pandemic, they saw multiple casino games to bet on and some live games and virtual sports to bet on. The increase in traffic on betting sites also included a spike in people betting on esports, including sports simulation games and CS GO, Dota 2, League of Legends, and other competitive multiplayer games.

Sports Bettors Shifting to Other Gambling Types

As people started betting on esports, inevitably, sports bettors will also try playing other casino games that the casino offers. Sports simulation games and virtual games served as excellent alternatives for people who missed betting on live sports. Sports bettors can either continue betting sports through such options, especially since many casinos and sports betting sites like some sports betting Kenya sites offer such services to their customers.

Sports bettors can also opt to play other games like slots, poker, and roulette to mix things up a bit. Because they’re playing in a mobile casino Singapore, gamblers can gamble at their leisure. They can play a bit of baccarat, blackjack, poker, or others to get the hang of the game and minimize their losses by limiting their bets with no pressure from other players.

Being able to choose from a wide selection of games to bet on allows the gamblers to have a better gambling experience and increase traffic towards the online casino. The fact that bettors can pay using cryptocurrencies is also a contributing factor to why bettors are now frequenting online casinos more than ever and shifting to other gambling types.

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New Gamblers Can Have an Easy Time Getting Started

People who are new to the gambling world will have a relatively easy time opening an account in an online casino, but they must first look for trusted online gambling sites to register in to play. Some of these trusted sites like CM2BET also offer live chats to help new gamblers with whatever they may need during their time on the website.

Most online casinos are also safe and secure, and untrustworthy gambling sites are a minority. As long as gamblers bet in trusted sites like CM2BET, they won’t have a hard time getting started, and they can enjoy their time playing.

Online Casinos Offer Attractive Bonuses and Rewards

Unlike traditional brick and mortar casinos, online gambling sites have the necessary resources to offer their customers bonuses and rewards. Such bonuses can help increase the people’s potential winnings and cash out more money than in an ordinary bet.

Among the rewards and bonuses that gamblers can enjoy include 100% Welcome Bonuses, Birthday Bonuses, Cashbacks, Referral Rewards, and others. Making gambling more attractive to people by showing that they can win more through the casino’s rewards will increase the number of people playing casino games.


The COVID-19 pandemic won’t be enough to cripple the global gambling industry, but small traditional casinos that lack the resources to set up an online casino can experience difficulties. Even when small land-based casinos reopen, the popularity of online gambling sites might make it hard for them to compete in the industry.

Online casinos will likely see continuous growth in the future due to their growing popularity amid the pandemic. Many gamblers might decide to continue playing casino games from their homes instead of traveling to a traditional casino.

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