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How to Choose a Sports Betting Site in Malaysia – Infographics

Many Malaysians have a passion for football, and many of them love to bet on sports, to the point that soccer betting in Malaysia is extremely popular in the country. Because of how popular online sports betting is, many online casinos and sports betting sites compete in offering different odds, like how Singapore casinos compete with their SG odds.

Malaysian sports bettors have to look for the best betting site for their needs since not all sites are good for betting. Unwary bettors might risk getting scammed off their money when playing in untrustworthy betting sites, especially when they’re searching for sites to evade local gambling laws.

How to Choose a Sports Betting Site in Malaysia

Is Sports Betting Legal in Malaysia?

Even if online sports betting is popular in Malaysia, the activity is illegal in the country, and the penalties will vary depending on what law the bettor is subject to. About 40 percent of the population can bet only in live casinos, and the only sports betting option they have is Malaysia Horse Racing, pari-mutuel horse racing in particular. In contrast, the Muslim population is prohibited from gambling due to the Sharia Law.

Any bettor subject to the Sharia Law will face a fine of about 3,000 MYR or $750 US and/or a potential two-year prison sentence. The Malaysian government is serious on cracking down on “illegal gambling.” However, their main focus is on makeshift betting houses and bookmakers, not on individual bettors. Even if the focus is not on the bettors themselves, it still pays for them to be cautious and bet on the best Malaysia soccer betting sites while using a VPN.

Once Malaysian bettors know how to keep themselves safe from the gambling laws, they’ll need to know how to choose a site where they can have a good betting experience.

Read Online Reviews

When looking around for sports betting websites, it’s advisable to read third-party reviews before registering on a site. If possible, talk to other punters and ask for their opinion on which websites to trust. Online sports betting sites will typically have reviews from different sources, including online forums.

When checking the reviews, bettors should look for information on the deposit options, available bonuses, sports events offered, and available betting options. Not all betting sites offer the same odds, sports events, betting markets, and sports book. Knowing what a site offers beforehand is better than finding out when someone’s already registered and placing bets.

Look for Trusted Websites

Reading website reviews ensures that bettors can register in websites to place their bets safely without worries of getting scammed. Trustworthy websites are fair, friendly with customer service, and will pay out their winners properly. Should the site fail to do so, the bettors should be able to contact management officials to have the situation resolved.

It’s also possible for bettors to research on their own and look for trustworthy betting sites, especially if they’re having problems when looking for reviews for the sites popular in their country. Nobody wants to get scammed off their lucky or hard-earned winnings after placing an outright bet in the current English Premier League season.

Identify the Deposit Options Available

Because online gambling is illegal in Malaysia, sports bettors will need to look for online casinos or sports betting sites that offer e-wallets. Credit card and bank account deposits are out of the question since the banks will block the transaction.

E-wallets allow people to transfer funds from their bank accounts to the wallet and use it to transact with online vendors. Skrill is a commonly used e-wallet in online casinos and sportsbooks, and Malaysian bettors will need to look for websites where the payment option involves Skrill.

Some sites might also allow for other options, including PayPal that allows people to use different currencies. Others might even allow people to gamble using cryptocurrencies.

Look for Mobile Betting Options

Many people were on the go before the pandemic and benefited from playing in mobile casinos and betting sites. However, Malaysia is currently in lockdown. Many people are stuck at home, so they won’t necessarily need a mobile phone to bet anywhere, but having the option is still better than being forced to bet through a PC.

Many online betting sites will have mobile-optimized websites or offer dedicated mobile applications for sports betting. Bettors can check before registering by going to the site through their mobile phones, and they’ll see whether the site fits the phone’s screen or not and check further if they have a mobile app.

Some sites might also have mobile-specific promotions that incentivize placing bets through mobile options.

Check the Promotions

Sports betting sites offer promotions and bonuses, and some can even be mobile-specific, as mentioned above. Among the things that bettors must keep in mind when looking for a sports betting site are the bonuses, free bets, cash backs, and insurances offered for players. Such promotions can help bettors have more time placing bets and win more.

Bookies typically compete with their competitors by offering new customers reasons to stay with them than move to another online casino.

Finding a reliable online live casino in Malaysia offering great sports betting options and promotions can be challenging for first-time bettors. Still, they can find a reliable one when they look hard enough. However, if they don’t want to spend too much time looking around, they can register now at CM2Bet.

Sports bettors can bet confidently when betting on a trustworthy sports betting site because they won’t have to worry about getting scammed off their winnings. CM2Bet is a trustworthy Malaysia and Singapore casino where bettors can bet on English Premier League and other sports leagues and monitor soccer odds. Register now at and bet with us.

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