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Baccarat Strategy Guide: What are Banker Bets and How to Use Them.

Many gamblers love playing baccarat online and offline since it’s one of the best casino games to profit from. Gamblers love baccarat because the low house edge makes it an attractive casino game, and they even have two bets they can use to win.

Most people go for the player bet to avoid the commission charged when winning a banker and because it’s the bet with the second-lowest house edge. However, the banker bet with the 1.06% house edge might be better than the player bet with the 1.24% house edge, EVEN with the 5% commission charged when winning the banker bet. The main reason is because the banker bet wins more often than it loses.

Why Does the Banker Bet Win More?

The banker bet wins about 46% of the time while the player hand is at 45%. However, the chances of the banker bet winning increases to 51% since the tie pushes. Having a 51% guaranteed win over the long-term will let the gambler take more money home.

Because the banker bet has a high chance of winning, the casino will charge a commission to keep the players from winning too much money when betting on it. The 5% commission will result in the gambler losing if they play long enough, but the amazing edge is enough for a hot streak and some incremental wins.

Baccarat is one of the best casino games for gamblers because of its low house edge, which they can use to play for longer and then walk away once they win. People who want to take advantage of bankroll management to stretch it to the limits will find baccarat and the banker bet as the perfect choice for them.

Why Does the Banker Bet Win More?

How Does the Commission Affect Your Winnings?

The house charges a commission of 5% of the winnings of a banker bet. This means that a $20 banker bet will result in the gambler winning $19, while a $20 player bet will lead to $20 in winnings. The higher the bet, the higher the commission, but anyone playing $10,000 per hand has a different value on the resulting $500 commission.

However, regardless of how people see the commission’s value, bettors will be at a disadvantage when they lose as much as they win. Gamblers will need an extensive bankroll to weather any losing streaks and get lucky with winning streaks.

Casinos also offer different minimum commissions that can be as little as $1. Anyone playing a hand lower than $20 will effectively be paying more than a 5% commission; a $5 hand will be paying a 20% commission.

How Does the Commission Affect Your Winnings

Why is the Banker Bet the Best?

Even with the commission, gamblers playing $20 hands will be able to profit when they have enough money to weather a losing streak, especially when using the one-sided baccarat strategy. People with a relatively large bankroll already won’t have a hard time surviving losing streaks and making a profit from banker bets, but even those with a more limited bankroll can still profit.

If a gambler can play $20 hands 100 times, they can play $2,000 in an hour and suffer $21 in losses per hour when considering the 1.06 house edge. The 5% commission is well worth the cost when factoring in the expected losses, and gamblers will find that they’ll regularly leave the casino a winner.

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