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Singapore Pools Betting: The Both Teams To Score Market

Betting on soccer is extremely prevalent in Singapore and Malaysia, but bettors might find it difficult to guess which team will win. Thanks to betting markets like the over/under and the odd/even market, bettors can have a good chance of winning their bets by only guessing the match’s score.

Guessing the exact score or whether a match’s final score will be over or under a certain scoreline or is odd or even might still be difficult for some bettors, but they can have an easier time with the Both Teams To Score market. Bettors only need to guess whether both teams will score a goal or not.

While the betting market is a relatively easy market to win in, bettors must still know how to take advantage of the market for their own gains.

Singapore Pools Betting: The Both Teams To Score Market

Compare the Teams

Sports bettors can use statistics to look for high scoring teams and bet “yes” in the both teams to score market or look for the opposite and bet “no.” Alternatively, they can also look for teams with great defence and poor attack and bet “no” on their matches.

Sports bettors can look for the teams by checking the matches they want to bet on and check the participating football clubs’ histories against each other or check if both teams have great goalscorers or not. If such research is too much, bettors can instead compare Singapore Pools’ soccer odds for the BTTS and correct score market to better understand what scores the match will likely end in. If the odds for scores where both teams score is lower than that of the other, then a “yes” is probably a safe bet.

If the two teams in a match have great goalscorers and are known to score goals and the odds are good enough, bettors can bet “yes” in the market. However, it’s better to be able to bet when the odds are relatively profitable before the sportsbook can adjust them when they have better data in a live match. This is especially the case since the odds tend to be close to each other to the point that simple odds comparisons aren’t enough.

Research the Following Key Factors

We mentioned researching the teams’ histories when betting through BTTS, but we also provided an alternative by comparing odds and checking for goalscorers. However, research is vital for successful sports bets and bettors should consider checking on the following before placing a BTTS bet:

  • Both team’s attack
  • Both team’s defense
  • Players’ Condition
  • Motivation
  • Play Styles
  • Current Weather

Considering these allow bettors to have more informed decisions. If a top goalscorer in a team is absent, then a “no” bet might be better than a “yes” BTTS bet. If both teams have tired players, then they might want to place a “no” bet. If it was raining heavily and the game still continued, a live “no” bet is definitely the way to go, even if the odds are so low that it isn’t profitable anymore.

Singapore Pools’ odds for the EPL and other leagues for the BTTS market will likely be close and too low to be attractive. Simply comparing the odds isn’t enough unless they consider using the selections under the correct score market for comparison. Using research is necessary to have a better idea of what the goal will be.

Research the Following Key Factors

Consider Parlays

As mentioned above, the odds for BTTS is low, and bettors might not want to stake money here when they can profit more from other markets. However, the Both Teams To Score market is excellent for easier wins, and bettors can take advantage of this by using it in a parlay.

Parlays might be risky since bettors can lose all of their potential winnings from past games in a single leg after one bet loses, but the BTTS market is fairly simple enough for small winnings to accumulate and multiply. Even if bettors only use the weather as a means to find out whether or not to bet on a “yes” or “no,” they can still make bank in small parlays.

Placing a 10-leg parlay might be too risky, however, and bettors should consider sticking to 4-leg or 5-leg parlays at the most.


The Both Teams To Score market isn’t exactly the most profitable betting market, but it’s good enough for people to rack multiple small wins inside or outside an accumulator. Bettors can literally check the weather or compare odds, and they can get a good chance of making a winning bet.

Once people place multiple bets and even mix things up with a couple of parlays, they’ll likely have a lot of small wins that will be big once they’re added up. CM2Bet has more sports betting guides available in our blog section to help bettors with other betting markets.

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