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Singapore Pools Betting: Understanding Odd/Even Bets

The odd/even betting market is a market where bettors will look closely at the number of goals in a match, whether odd or even. It doesn’t matter who wins or loses or if a draw happens. The only thing that matters is that the bettor knows whether the final score will be odd or even.

Soccer is naturally a low-scoring game where draws can happen. It’s also possible for a game to end without any goals being made. As such, sports bettors can find it difficult to predict the exact score and win in the correct score betting market. The odd/even market is easier for bettors since there is literally a 50/50 chance of winning.

Bettors who haven’t been able to stay up-to-date with the current Singapore Pools soccer odds and the standings of the English Premier League football clubs can bet comfortably by simply guessing whether the final score is odd or even.

Understanding Odd/Even Bets

Odd/Even Betting Market Strategies

Look for the Games with Best Odds

Sports bettors should consider high odds when looking for games to bet on and research them to take advantage of the odds. Short odds betting only goes so far, and it’s more profitable to win big.

Looking for the competitive odds gives bettors a chance to win big, especially since they have a 50/50 chance of winning in the odd/even market.

Research on the Football Clubs

Even if bettors can bet on the odd/even market with a flip of a coin and have a 50/50 chance of winning, it’s still better to research on the participating teams. Researching on the football clubs lets sports bettors know about the club’s playstyle and whether the top scorers or other key members can participate or not.

If the top scorers are absent from a game, then an even bet might be a good choice because the match can end without a single goal being scored. A match where one team has a great goalscorer and the other without might end with an odd score if one team can score one goal while the other keeps it from scoring more. If both teams have top scorers, then it might be more difficult to guess the outcome.

Regardless of research, however, bettors still have a 50/50 chance of winning or losing.

Games with Best Odds

Bet on Games with Low-Scoring Teams

As mentioned above, a match where the two teams don’t have their top goalscorers might end with no goals scored, an even score. Researching on games to know which ones have low-scoring teams can benefit bettors with even bets if the match ends with no goals. It becomes harder to predict the final score in a game when high-scoring teams are playing.

Some football leagues also score fewer goals than others. Checking the statistics allows the bettors to see which leagues have fewer goals per match. Most blogs offering tips on the odd/even market agree that statistics can play a significant role in determining which leagues score more or less. SoccerBetting365 noted that 58% of Portugal’s Primeira Liga’s matches had two goals or less while both Spanish La Liga and French Ligue 1 had a 53% and 52.68% percentage of matches with two goals or less during the 2019/20 season.

Alternatively, bettors can look for sports leagues where teams are more likely to score either odd or even goals, regardless of how high the scores are.

Below is a table from 1x2stats on the odd/even statistics of several leagues.

Understanding Odd/Even Bets


The odd/even market is a relatively simple betting market where people generally have a 50% chance of winning their bets. Without considering statistics, this may truly be the case; however, bettors who research deeply and consider the frequency of a league or a team having matches ending in either an even or odd score can have a better chance of winning.

Casual bettors can enjoy betting through the odd/even market since they still have a good chance of winning even without research. Should bettors want to try the market with a limited bankroll, they can check out our article on making a $100 bankroll last or read our other articles on betting markets like the outright market.

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