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How to Make a $100 Bankroll Last?

Losing is the norm in gambling, and many people lose a lot of money, even their savings, after risking it all in an online casino. Some gamblers also exhaust their bankrolls quickly, effectively keeping them from having more chances of winning real money.

Bankroll management is essential to extend a bankroll, but gamblers with a limited bankroll might find it difficult to do so, especially when suffering from unlucky losing streaks. Even a $100 bankroll can last a long time with proper management when playing casino games when they follow the tips below.

How to Make a $100 Bankroll Last?

Stake Low

The key to making a $100 bankroll last is to lower the losses by betting low. Gamblers can’t risk too much when they start with a small bankroll, or they’ll end up cutting their time playing short. Even if gamblers have the advantage, they shouldn’t risk too much of their money because there’s still a chance that they get unlucky and lose a big chunk of their bankroll.

Risking $10 on every bet will only allow gamblers to play only ten times should they lose every wager. If the casino allows gamblers to stake $1, then they should stake only that amount or at least $2 to reduce their potential losses and give them more chances to play.

Know what Games to Play

As mentioned above, gamblers should look for casino games where they can bet as low as possible to keep themselves from losing too much. Gamblers don’t necessarily need to stick to such games since they’ll also need to know which games have low house edges or which ones they can exploit through strategies.

One game that gamblers can exploit is roulette. One technique to increase a gambler’s chances of winning or breaking even is combining a 2:1 and 1:1 odds bet and betting the same amount on both selections. People can profit from online roulette since there are no biased RNG-based roulette games that constantly favour the house. The gamblers only need to know how to win at roulette to ensure that they can take advantage of the game while limiting their losses.

Use Gambling Strategies

Use Gambling Strategies

We already talked about exploiting some casino games and their game mechanics, and we can expand on it here by talking about strategy. Blackjack and baccarat are some of the games that people love to play for real money. All the gamblers need to do is learn both blackjack strategy and baccarat strategy, or at least one of them if they don’t want to play both games.

Many professional blackjack players managed to make money through basic strategy and card counting, and baccarat players can easily profit by sticking to the one-sided baccarat strategy. The only problem is that not all table games allow gamblers to stake low, and blackjack card counting is only good when the gambler plays multiple hands. Should gamblers want to play blackjack to extend their bankroll, they should consider doing so once they’ve won multiple games.


Not everyone can start off with a significant bankroll to play high roller games, but casino games aren’t limited to such high-risk games anyway. Low rollers can still enjoy gambling on a budget, and they only need to look for the right games to do so.

Sports bettors can also follow the tips mentioned above, especially the staking low and gambling strategies part. In addition to those, both gamblers and sports bettors can also benefit from an online casino Singapore’s promos and bonuses.

Bettors only need to look for a trusted online casino in Singapore to ensure that they won’t be scammed off their winnings and enjoy casino promos for sports betting and casino games, including slot machines.

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