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Bad Advice for New Sports Bettors

Sports betting is popular worldwide since sports fans then have a chance to enjoy the game WHILE having a chance to make money out of it. Anyone can quickly get started with sports betting once they register on an online sports betting site.

Because many new sports bettors might not know how to place bets, they’ll likely seek help from veteran bettors or forums. The advice that people receive can vary, and a good chunk of them will be bad ones that can keep bettors from winning.

Among the bad pieces of advice that people can get are the following:

Your Bankroll and Bet is Not Enough

Bankroll management is essential to keep losses down, and having a large bankroll allows for better management. However, not every bettor has the budget to have a large pool of money to use for betting and settle for a small bankroll.

Some veteran bettors might advise people to have a larger bankroll and only bet when they have it. The problem with having a large bankroll is that many bettors struggle to have proper bankroll management and end up exhausting it chasing losses.

Starting small is good since it limits the bettor’s financial losses even if they only win a small amount per game. They don’t have room to chase their losses, effectively keeping them from losing more money than they can afford.

Stick with a Betting System

Betting systems may seem like an excellent way to make money, but the systems are dependent on increasing bets either after every win or every loss. Using systems necessitates having a large bankroll and being able to afford to lose big.

Many people might swear by betting systems, but that’s only because they have the budget to do so. Increasing your bets after every win and suddenly losing will make it hard to regain the losses. Increasing bets after every loss can exhaust the bankroll before the bettor can regain their losses.

Betting systems work only when the bettor can afford their potential losses AND place bets on things that don’t require research. Online roulette can be an excellent game for betting systems since people don’t have to research to increase their chances of winning.

Bet on Your Gut Feel

Some bettors might advise newbies to trust their gut when betting, especially when they have no idea how a game will end. Some people have the feeling that one outcome will occur with no facts backing them up, apart from the most basic ones like “this team has this player,” “this team’s the underdog,” and others that aren’t concrete.

Sports bettors are more likely to rely on hunches when chasing losses since they don’t have the time to research the games they’re betting on.

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This Game’s a Lock

Anything can happen in sports, so there’s no such thing as a lock. Not even the odds provide a clear picture of who will win since there’s always a chance that the underdog will win regardless if it will be an away or home win.

Losing is normal in sports betting, and the only way bettors can reduce their chances of losing is through research. Only seasoned bettors who have researched the match they’re betting on can determine whether a game is a lock or not, and they can STILL be wrong.

The only other ones that can lock a game are the teams themselves, whether or not they’ll sell the game.

Place More Wagers to Win More

It may make sense to place more bets to have more chances of winning, and this can be plausible on casino games where no research is needed like roulette, blackjack, or baccarat online. Bettors shouldn’t bet on multiple matches since they need to make educated guesses to more chances of winning a bet, and spreading bets without prior research will increase losses.

Sports bettors must prioritize the quality of their bets instead of the quantity to have a chance to win big on a sports event.

For good measure, sports bettors must also look for a trustworthy sportsbook in Singapore to place their bets on to ensure that they won’t be scammed off their money. Bettors can register now at and bet on the Singapore Pools soccer bet type they want without worrying about their money.

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