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Common Mistakes Bettors Make

Many bettors want to be successful when betting on sports or playing online casino games in Malaysia or Singapore, but this requires a lot of hard work. People can sometimes win jackpots through sheer luck, but this isn’t advisable for long-term success.

Anyone who wants to make a living out of gambling continuously will need to use proper betting strategies to improve their chances of winning. We have already written different betting strategy articles for different casino games and sports, and among them are the following:

However, many bettors do not strategize and even forego bankroll management whenever they play casino games or bet on sports. Apart from lack of strategy, there are still other mistakes that bettors make, including the following:

Not Focusing on Games They Know

Not Focusing on Games They Know

While it may be good to learn about different casino games and mix things up every once in a while, many bettors will not be able to learn the best bets per game, besides simple bankroll management and placing small bets. Gamblers who learn a lot about blackjack and even become great card counters may not be able to translate their skills in baccarat or poker.

Different games typically have different strategies applicable only to them, and gamblers who hop into different casino games without specializing in one game won’t be able to maximize their winnings. Even sports bettors who bet on different sports or leagues at least will have a hard time making a lot of winning bets when betting only according to the current odds in Singapore Pools, especially when betting on parlays.

Gamblers and sports bettors should focus more on the games they’re familiar with and specialize on them. Betting on other sports should only be done as much as possible when a sports season has just ended, and there’s nothing left to bet on.

Gambler’s Fallacy

Bettors are never due a win when they’ve already suffered large financial losses. One argument that people can use to justify such bets is that they’re using a negative progression betting system to regain their losses and go back to placing one-unit bets.

Gamblers playing baccarat can place multiple bets on the player or banker bet even if they’ve already lost since it’s part of the one-sided strategy where people only focus on one bet. Sports bettors shouldn’t believe that they’re due a win when betting on sports, especially a Singapore Pools live match since bettors need to research the matches first to win their bets without relying on luck.

Betting Too Much

We already mentioned above that many gamblers do not strategize and even forego bankroll management when betting. Doing so effectively results in bettors placing too many bets, regardless of whether it is only one casino game or sport or multiple ones.

Bettors can also bet too many, too fast, and lose track of their bets, resulting in many losses until they lose their entire betting budget. The goal is to place the best wagers, not the most wagers.

Betting Too Much

Not Researching

Research is necessary to ensure that people can win their bets and maximize their profits and many bettors forget about this when betting for the first time. Most seasoned bettors will look more into a bet than simply looking at the odds or checking for tipsters’ tips.

Many seasoned bettors focus on specific leagues, sports teams, jockeys and horses, and casino games instead of simply checking each game’s odds or house edge. By focusing on specific games, bettors can potentially know more than a bookie, a tipster, and other players and have a better chance of winning than them. Having enough knowledge of a particular game can help bettors formulate a working strategy or betting system for them to maximize their profits.


Most mistakes that bettors make involve not knowing how to place their bets and not knowing about the games or players in a sport. Basically, gamblers must practice proper bankroll management and learn more about the sports they bet on and the casino games they play.

We have already talked about topics like this in our past articles, including the worst advice given to beginners and a proper beginner’s guide to playing casino games. Gamblers can read more on our blog pages, and they can also choose to register in a legal online casino in Singapore or play in a live casino online Malaysia.

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