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Singapore Pools Betting: The Goalscorer Market ( Infographic )

Football is a widely played sport globally, making it among the most popular of its kind. Almost every country had already established local leagues to give fans excitement. As this sport grew through the years, international competitions became part of our lives. We see club teams and national teams representing the nation go head-to-head to bring home the coveted trophies.

Indeed, watching live matches comes with entertainment. Yet, the adrenaline does not end there. Fans can also feel the thrill by betting for the players they believe will score the opener, equalizer, or the winning tiebreaker collectively called the “goalscorer market.”

Singapore Pools Betting: The Goalscorer Market

What is Goalscorer Market?

The goalscorer market refers to betting for a specific player to score a goal at a particular moment in one match. With 20 players on the pitch, excluding the two goalkeepers, odds vary for each wearing jersey. 

The odds are higher for guys playing in defensive positions. It should not come as a surprise as they touch the football less, and their chances of taking shots are minimal. Punting these players is a risk, but bagging lots of money is the price if they nailed a strike. 

Waging for Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, both known for prolific scoring, earn little in return as their probability of overcoming the goalie’s defence is relatively high. The same goes for other top goalscorers.

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Newbie bettors should also understand the following conditions that apply in this market:

  • When a goalless draw happens, you lose your bet. There is a no-goal option in this market, so better use it as an alternative if you are not confident enough that either team will score.
  • You would get a refund if the player you bet for did not participate in the whole game or the first goal got scored without him in the field.
  • If the player enters as a substitute, the bet stands as that moment. 
  • Own goals do not count. Bookmakers only count goals that came off shots taken by the opposing teams. So, no need to worry about it.
  • Some sportsbooks do not include extra time or have a different market.

Punters are free to bet in the following markets: first goalscorer, last goalscorer, and anytime goalscorer.

First Goalscorer

The first goalscorer is pretty straightforward. You bet for a player you predict will deliver the match’s opening goal. However, you lose the punt if anyone scored first other than the player of your choice. 

Odds here are more generous than the anytime goalscorer market since the effort needed to correctly guess the first player to shoot the ball inside the goalpost are significantly tricky. 

For first-timers, you may observe that odds go higher as the player ranks lower in the list of potential scorers. It only means that a particular player has the lowest probability of scoring the opening strike. For example, Kylian Mbappe (9/2) and Harry Kane (4/1) are the usual first goalscorer list leaders when France and England face each other as both are capable strikers with good scoring records. You may find Kyle Walker (66/1) and the likes at the bottom as they rarely position themselves into the box for defensive purposes.

Teams with offensive-minded players and known for aggressiveness in the first half are the perfect fit for bettors wishing to win in this market. Technically, squads with such tactics love putting the ball forward more often. So, the first goalscorers usually come from them.

Last Goalscorer

Another punt to make your football betting experience exciting is the last goalscorer market, the direct opposite of its first goalscorer counterpart. It involves guessing the player who will register the match’s final goal. Generally, the last and first goalscorer are similar odds-wise. 

Like the first goalscorer, the last goalscorer requires analyzing the teams competing. One may consider checking the history of a side to know if the squad loves scoring goals in the dying minutes, or it has super subs ready to rally and turn the tide in favor of them in the last 10 or 20 minutes of the game.

It is also not a good idea to bet for players in teams that hardly scores past the 80-minute mark in this goalscorer market. Most of the time, teams with offense-based formations have this tendency to tire in the end game. 

Anytime Goalscorer

As its name implies, the anytime goalscorer is about guessing a player who will score a goal within the regular 90 minutes of football action. In this goalscorer market, it does not matter who strikes first. Whether your selection sank a header or fired a long shot anytime, you win.

Your bet lasts from the first until the final whistle. As football is unpredictable, the anytime goalscorer suits thrill-seekers.

However, here is the trade. Unlike the first and last goalscorer, the odds in the anytime goalscorer market is smaller as there is no restriction in the time a goal occurred. On the brighter side, bettors are free and can be fancy to punt sums of money for an unsung player (a left-back or a goalie, for instance) with lower odds to score.

Possible No Goalscorer Option

Some bookies also include the no goalscorer option in the anytime goalscorer market. Bettors who think a match would end goalless may punt in this market type. 

If the game ended 1-0, for example, yet the only strike came off an own goal, you still win in the no goalscorer waging. Thanks to the goalscorer market’s general rule that excludes own goals. But in the 0-0 correct score, you lose the bet even if a team scores courtesy of an own goal.


The goalscorer market is another way to enjoy football matches. Excitement and thrill come as you bet for the player you think can score a goal in a particular moment of the game. Yet, knowledge about the players and teams and their tendencies is the key to choosing the best market to punt.

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