Worst Gambling Advice for Beginners

Worst Gambling Advice for Beginners

Not everyone knows how to gamble from the get-go, and they’ll likely look for beginners’ guides to playing casino games to have an idea how they’ll bet. Some veterans of different calibers may also have advice for first-time gamblers, but not all of them are good and practical to make real money.

The reason why people have different advice is that they have different playstyles, and most of them aren’t founded on good betting strategies. Because many gamblers have no proper strategy aside from what they experimented on, the advice they give tend to be harmful in the long run.

Stop Playing During a Losing Streak

Stop Playing During a Losing Streak

Sometimes it’s a good idea to stop playing when the gambler has already suffered a losing streak, but it might not be a great idea every time. Stopping from playing immediately after a losing streak of a few games will limit one’s time in the casino, effectively limiting any chances of making real money.

It’s normal to suffer from losing streaks as long as they have the proper bankroll to handle their losses. Counting cards in live blackjack online requires gamblers to have a large bankroll to sustain any losses until they inevitably have a winning streak.

The fear of losing more money is valid since it’s easy to lose more money when gambling without a plan. It’s better to keep on gambling while following a particular gambling strategy to regain any losses allowed in the strategy.

Don’t Play Casino Games With Bad Players

Your losses are dependent on how you play, not on how other players play. It doesn’t make sense to blame your losses on another gambler when you don’t hit, stand, double down, and surrender at the right time. Any advice that says a gambler shouldn’t play with bad players is centered on other people, not on the gambler who wants to learn how to play and make money.

Bad players in a blackjack table can even help other gamblers by getting rid of a bad card for them or getting the dealer to bust.

Bet the Banker on a Streak

Baccarat is a popular casino table game that was reserved for many high-rollers. Baccarat is now so popular among casino-goers that many bad advice have already sprung up on the internet.

One bad advice circulating the internet is continuously betting on the banker. While the banker bet has the lowest house edge, it’s disadvantageous for gamblers because the house takes a commission off the winnings.

A piece of better advice for gamblers is to bet on the player bet on a streak for a one-sided baccarat strategy.

Always Bet on Black

People who want to know how to win at roulette might ask around and get told to always bet on black after referencing the Wesley Snipes movie Passenger 57. The film and the line had nothing to do with roulette, but it just became associated with it for one reason or another.

Betting always on black is no better than always betting on red, even, odd, column, or any other selection. Betting on only one selection or betting randomly will not result in gamblers making real money.

It’s better to place a bet on a combination of a 1:1 and 2:1 payout selection and play on European Roulette. American Roulette has an extra selection, a double zero, that increases the house edge from 2.70% to 5.26%.

Don’t Let Somebody Steal the Jackpot

Many people believe that some slot machines are set to play on a specific cycle. One belief may be that a machine will play a jackpot after about every 2.5 million spins. Some gamblers will pour money on a slot to try and reach the jackpot, but this is arguably a waste of money regardless if the gambler plays in a traditional or an online casino.

There’s no way of knowing when a machine will hit the jackpot, so gamblers shouldn’t continue pouring money with no care until they hit the jackpot. Online slots depend on RNG for their outcomes, and continuously betting on them will not contribute to anything other than relying on luck to win.

The better option when playing slots is to look for a basic slot machine to play and make some real money, even if the winnings are not the same as higher-profile slots.

Don’t Play Because the House Always Wins

Because many gamblers constantly lose when playing casino games, mainly due to bad gambling practices, advice on getting people to stop have become common. It might seem a good idea not to bet at all, but this means that you won’t have any chance of making any money in a casino.

Instead of not playing altogether, gamblers must use betting strategies to improve their chances of winning. Even if you don’t win the jackpot, you can still make some money from any of your small winnings in cheap tables and basic slots.

Proper bankroll management also allows gamblers to limit their losses while having more chances to play casino games and win a few games. Continuing to play casino games also allows the gambler to practice their gambling skills and develop new strategies to help them win more games in the future.


Chase Your Losses by Doubling Your Bet

The Martingale Betting System is not an ideal betting system for beginners since they’ll all be starting with a limited bankroll unless they’re rich. The Martingale System is essentially chasing your losses by doubling your bet for every loss to get your money back and restarting from the first bet. It might seem like an excellent way to break even for some people, but not everyone has a bankroll large enough to afford several big bets.

Chasing losses is a bad idea as it prompts the gambler to continue betting in hopes of getting back their money, even if they’re already past their maximum betting limit. Because the Martingale System is recognized as a legitimate betting system, many people might think that this is an excellent way to earn money and suggest it to other gamblers.

There a lot of bad advice circulating on the internet, and other people have their respective opinions on what to do when gambling. Many people bet without following any betting strategies, resulting in bad decisions that lead to more losses in the long run. Any advice based on them will not be helpful to any beginners.

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