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Signs You’re Addicted to Online Casino Gaming

It’s easy to get addicted to gambling when you’ve been winning a lot of money since you’ll start thinking that it’s a relatively more straightforward way of getting rich than working jobs. However, getting addicted is harmful to a gambler’s experience since it will lead to them making bad decisions that could lead to losing a lot of money.

Gambling addiction may be different from alcohol, tobacco, and drug addiction. However, it’s still harmful, especially when the gambler starts forgetting about themselves and continues to fuel their addiction by any means possible. Below are some of the signs that you might be addicted to online gambling:

Signs You’re Addicted to Online Casino Gaming

You Lie About Your Gambling Habits

Many people hate gambling because it’s an easy way to lose money, and many people have already lost their savings after gambling too much. Moreover, should gamblers tell their loved ones that they’ll gamble, they’ll likely be told to stop gambling or told off for doing so.

When you start lying about the times you’re gambling, it’s a good indicator that you’re getting addicted to online casinos. Of course, a gambling addict is not necessarily a liar, but lying for the sake of gambling is one known behavior of being addicted to gambling.

You Borrow Money to Pay for Gambling

You Gamble Until Your Money Is Gone

Many people have trouble stopping gambling even when they’ve already won a lot of money since they think they can win more. When addicted gamblers continue playing for long periods, they can make mistakes that would lead to losing streaks. This becomes even worse to the point that gamblers will only stop once they lose all their money.

You Gamble with Money You Can’t Afford to Lose

Chasing losses is one thing, but doing it with money outside of your bankroll only fuels your addiction. When you take money out of your savings or budget for essentials just to gamble, you are addicted.

If you’re about to get into financial trouble from gambling, you’ll need to stop until you have enough money to have a proper gambling budget again. Gambling should be seen as entertainment and a chance to make some money instead of a reliable source of income.

You Borrow Money to Pay for Gambling

Besides betting money that you can’t afford, you’ll also likely start borrowing money to gamble if you’re starting to get addicted. Once you receive a loan, there’s a significant chance that you’ll start trying to win back your losses the moment you can. This is still a practice of gambler’s fallacy wherein a gambler continues to bet while believing that the probability of an outcome occurring will change after a series of outcomes.

Gamblers can use the standard ways to borrow money, including a line of credit, bank loan, or simply asking a friend for money. The gamblers can also resort to high-interest loans like credit cards, payday loans, and illicit loan sharks. It is possible to resort to such drastic measures to fuel a gambling addiction as it allows them to continue gambling, believing that they will get lucky soon enough.

You’ve Stolen Money to Use for Gambling

When the option to borrow money is unavailable or if a gambler has not thought of the option, they may resort to stealing the money themselves. The moment they do so is a good enough indication that they’re already addicted. Gamblers may justify their actions by saying that they will pay it back eventually, but they will likely lose the money.

Stealing money for any vice is a clear indication of an addiction.

Gambling Negatively Affects Your Emotions

Online casino gambling addicts may be addicted because of the rush they feel when they think and know that they’re about to win. In addition, the human brain gets conditioned to wanting to trigger its reward system once the gambler wins at least one time.  

Gambling activity produces and releases the brain’s “feel-good” chemicals that are part of the human brain’s reward system. The obsession to gamble causes gamblers to ponder on their previous games and think only of the next sessions. It becomes hard to think of anything else as they only want to gamble.

If the gambler doesn’t play casino games, their feel-good chemicals go down to normal or below average. Once the chemicals go down, the gambler will be unhappier and more irritable than usual. If you’re starting to feel any of these, you’re getting addicted.

You Feel Something’s Missing When You’re Not Gambling

If you once bet on sports in an SG online casino and you’re watching a game, and all you can think about is gambling, you’re addicted. Likewise, if you feel drawn to something detrimental to your physical and mental health, you’re slowly getting addicted.

This is similar to drug and alcohol addiction in that you get an itch or a craving to do it. When you slip up and gamble out of habit, you’ll more than likely end up going back to gambling and getting addicted once more.

Your Friends and Family Think You Have a Problem

Once your friends and family think that you have a problem, even after all your efforts of hiding it, you’re probably addicted. Many addicts deny that they have problems even when they’re obviously having a problem about it. Once family and friends become more and more concerned, they’ll become more insistent and have more trouble understanding why the gambling loved one can’t stop.

If people are already calling you out on your gambling habits, then you’re definitely addicted to it, and you’ll need to look for help to stop.

You Can’t Stop Gambling

One sure indication of a person getting addicted to online casino games is that they can’t stop, and you’re surely addicted if you can’t keep yourself from betting on games. You’ll likely try multiple times to stop with limited success until you go back to gambling. Stopping the addiction takes more than just sheer willpower, as the underlying issues that cause such behavior must still be addressed to end the addiction effectively.

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