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How to Choose a Slot Machine

How to Choose a Slot Machine

Many casino-goers love playing slot machines in both land-based and online casinos since gamblers don’t need to learn any skills to bet and win. People can play games and hope to win after a few spins in the slot machine. The only things that people need to worry about are bankroll management and choosing a profitable slot machine.

Old slot machines had three reels and a lever, while modern video slots in Singapore have more reels, enhancements, and additions that can make things confusing for first-time players. Gamblers can still just play with little concern on whether they’ll win or not and leave it to chance, but they can also look into the best machines to increase their winnings.

Different Slot Machines

Basic Slot Machines

The most basic slot machines in casinos have a screen that shows symbols and an RNG or random number generator that determines where the symbols stop after a spin. These slots don’t offer the same winnings as high-profile jackpot slot machines, but they offer more frequent payouts than other slots.

Basic slots only have three lines, and the gambler wins when the center line’s symbols match.

The basic slot machines are perfect for beginners and gamblers who don’t want to spend too much on slots. Even veterans use basic slots for a game with steady payouts.

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Multi-line Slot Machines

Casinos also have multi-line slot machines in their lineup. Compared to the basic slots, multi-line slots have more lines and bigger payouts. Gamblers can decide how many paylines they’ll bet, what coin value they’ll use, and how much they’ll bet on a spin to increase their chances of winning.

Multi-line slot machines have five lines compared to the basic slot machine’s three lines.

Wild Play Machines

Wild Play slot machines are some of the most enjoyable online slots people can play if they want to double, triple, or quintuple their winnings. Wild slots are special since they can substitute the symbols and help players create winning combinations in near-miss situations. Gamblers also have a chance to unlock bonus features and multipliers.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Progressive jackpot slot machines take a portion of every gambler’s bet and put it in a pot to slowly increase the jackpot. As long as no gambler wins, the pot can accumulate a ton of money, even reaching the millions. Jackpot slots usually have a lot of money in the bank because gamblers lose a lot in such machines.

Once people win the jackpot, the slot resets, and it starts accumulating money again once people play. However, people can only win the jackpot when they place the maximum amount per round.

The volatility of Slot Machines

Different slot machines have different volatility. Volatility is usually used interchangeably with variance, but the difference is that the former correlates with short-term results with a statistical mean, while the latter is the connection of results to a statistical mean without any time parameters involved.

Volatility in slot machines appears as variations in the results compared to that of the statistical average. Gamblers won’t find any exact definition of a volatile slot machine, but many online slot developers gave their games volatility rating ranging from 1-5 or 1-10.

Low Volatility Slots

A gambler’s chances of winning at these slots are high. Such slot machines have low payouts. An example of a low volatile slot machine is basic slots.

High Volatility Slots

A gambler’s chances of winning at these slots are low. Such slot machines have high payouts. An example of a high volatile slot machine is a progressive jackpot slot with a $1 million pot with random wild symbols and win multipliers.

Playing high volatile slots also have the following benefits for gamblers:

Play for the Biggest Payouts

Certain slots consistently offer jackpots that are worth millions of dollars, and they are all highly volatile. Such games may not pay out often, but the returns are incredibly high when it happens.

You may not be able to win millions of dollars in a slot. Still, if you’re dreaming of making it, you’ll need to continuously play highly volatile games, especially progressive jackpots.

Enjoy the Features of Slot Machines

Many online casino Singapore already offers three-reel basic slots with little to no features and playing them can get boring. Sure, they may be safer bets than more volatile slots, but they also offer too little returns.

Volatile slot machines have plenty of features, including random wilds and unlimited win multipliers. Such features allow gamblers to collect bigger payouts on their spins.

Play Quick Games with Potentially Big Returns

Not everyone has the time to spin reels for hours to try their luck and make some money, and sometimes high volatile games are the way to go. If the gambler has limited time and can afford to place a few big bets, they can stick with volatile slots to try and win big.

Avoiding Certain Slot Machines

As mentioned before, different slot machines have different volatilities, and bettors might want to steer clear from high volatile machines if they can’t afford to play them. Many gamblers should avoid playing slots with terrible odds, especially if they have a limited bankroll.

Casual gamblers with a limited budget can stick to basic slot machines with low volatility to win more. Continuously playing high volatile slots will lead to more losing sessions and become a significant drain on the gambler’s bankroll.

High-rollers can stay in volatile slots, but more average ones who want to win more should opt to stay on basic slot machines.


The best way to choose a slot machine highly depends on the gambler’s playstyle and bankroll. If the gambler has enough money to risk for high rewards, they can play progressive jackpot slots. If the bettor wants to play it safe, basic slots are the way to go.

Beginners should also stick with basic slot machines to get experience playing slots. But before a gambler can play slots, they should first look for a trusted online casino Singapore to play safely without any risks of getting scammed.

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