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Why You Shouldn’t Use the Martingale Betting Strategy in Roulette – Infographic

Roulette is a popular casino game frequented by many gamblers worldwide. It’s straightforward enough that gamblers won’t get confused about anything when placing bets, and they only need to think of how they can win at roulette by looking for online roulette tips and tricks. Using a betting system is an ideal solution for many gamblers since it guarantees that they can get their money back as long as they continue betting using a particular system.

The Martingale Betting System is popular since they can regain all of their losses when they win a bet. The betting works by placing an outside bet – odd/even, red/black, 1-18/19/36 – and continue betting there. The moment the gambler loses, they need to double their bet until they win again. The selection has a 1:1 payout, making it easy to win when betting on them. Betting on other selections with higher payouts will make it harder for gamblers to win since the chances of winning on other payouts are lower.

The Martingale System may seem to be a foolproof way to win in a roulette wheel online game, but gamblers will likely have a hard time if they continue using it in the long run. The system won’t work out for most gamblers, and written below are the reasons why.

Why You Shouldn’t Use the Martingale Betting Strategy in Roulette

The Martingale Requires an Infinite Bankroll to Survive Losses

Gamblers must have an infinite bankroll to survive their losses. Even if bettors stick to a 1:1 payout selection with a $10 bet, the gambler will have to bet $160 when they lose four times. The reason for this is that bettors must continue doubling their bets to get their losses back. If the gambler manages to win after losing so much, they can regain their losses and make a $10 profit.

Below is a table on how much people will be betting if they continue losing:


































A gambler who lost ten spins of an initial $10 bet has already lost $10,230. It’s highly unlikely that bettors can continue betting when they’ve already lost a few thousand dollars on roulette. Only a few losses are enough to ruin a gambler’s bankroll.

Casinos Have Betting Limits

Even if the gambler has the funds to regain their losses, they won’t likely be able to do so since casinos have betting limits. Different casinos have different rules, but the typical limit is from $1,000 to             $10,000. Bettors won’t be able to follow the Martingale Betting System after a 10-spin losing streak as they’re capped to $10,000.

No gambler will be able to follow the Martingale System, even if they had an infinite bankroll, because of the betting cap. Gamblers have no way of regaining their losses if they’re unlucky enough to suffer a long losing streak unless they disregard the system and bet on something else and get lucky.

The Odds Remain Unchanged Regardless if People Use the Martingale System or Not

The odds don’t change when gamblers use the Martingale System when playing online roulette. The bettor has the same likelihood of winning a single spin as the other people playing the game.

A gambler’s odds of winning a random spin on an odd/even, red/black, or 1-18/19/36 bet is 48.65%. Betting on other selections to try and make more money reduces a gambler’s chances of winning. It doesn’t matter if a bettor is a Martingale bettor or not; their chances of winning are the same.

The Martingale Betting System does not improve a player’s odds in any way, and the safest payout is 1:1. The payout will always be smaller than the odds.

The Martingale System Results in Low Profits

It doesn’t matter how much the bettor will use as a base unit; the profit will be the same as the unit. If the gambler places a $320 bet on a 1:1 payout and win, their profit will only be $10. Increasing the bet size can lead to higher winnings and puts people at greater risk of ruining their bankroll when they lose.

Betting on selections with a 2:1 payout can increase the gambler’s winnings, but their chances of winning will be significantly lower. It’ll be harder to follow the system since it’s harder to win, and they’ll have a higher chance of hitting the betting limit and being unable to follow the betting system.

The Martingale Betting System essentially offers gamblers the chance to win their base unit while risking hundreds to thousands of dollars in the span of a few spins.


Using the Martingale Betting System will put people at risk of losing hundreds to thousands of dollars for a small reward. Should gamblers look for a guide on how to win at roulette in CM2Bet, betting equally on a 1:1 and 2:1 payout will lower the gambler’s chances of losing and even allow them to break even at times.

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