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Soccer Betting Guide: Top Four Hardest Goal-Based Markets for Bettors

As football’s popularity grows, so is the betting for sports. Aside from being a diehard fan, you might also consider punting for a team or player. With your squad winning the match and you earning money and other great prizes at the same time, it could be a once in a lifetime experience.

As a newbie bettor, someone might introduce you to the goal-based markets. They may say that betting here is way easier and can earn you a high return on investment (ROI). Yet, that is not true at all. Betting comes with significant risks to take. Hence, do not bet on a whim.

Sports Betting Guide: Top Four Hardest Goal-Based Markets for Bettors

What are Goal-Based Markets?

Football is a sport with low-scoring outcomes. Not to mention, a goalless draw is also a possible outcome. Such makes the goal-based markets less complicated than predicting the eventual winner per game for some bettors.

Regardless of teams, goal wagers vary from goals tallied in the first half or full time. Bookies also offer bets about the combined number of goals the two opposing sides will register.

However, some goal-based markets may sound easy but difficult to win. Think twice before punting in the following markets: correct score, winning margin, first goal/last goal, and exact total goals/total goals.

Correct Score

Bettors believe that winning in the correct score market is as simple as its name. A punter only needs to place a wager to a predicted final score in regulation, excluding the extra time and penalty shootout.

Yet, you can only relax when the final whistle sounds. Various factors could change the outcome of a game. For instance, a powerhouse having an off day or an underdog’s brilliant performance can defeat your guessing. 

A perfect example is the 7-1 loss Germany handed to Brazil in the 2014 FIFA World Cup. It is among the improbable results that can be selected when placing a bet on “any other score.”

Winning Margin

The only difference between this market and the correct score is the former’s more winning outcomes. If you bet for a winning margin of +2, you win whether the final score (excluding the extra time and penalties) is 2-0, 3-1, 4-2, and so on. The correct score only allows one possible winning outcome.

But the winning margin market is trickier. Bettors should predict the following correctly, or else lose their bet:

  • exact difference of goals between the winning and losing sides; and
  • the team they think will win and wage for them.

First Goal/Last Goal

First Goal/Last Goal

The first goal/last goal needs punters to predict the team that will strike the first or last goal. Predicting the first goal/last goal in full-time is much daunting. Bettors should do thorough research, especially head-to-head match-ups between the two teams. In this way, they can foresee potential turning points that can give them an idea of who would score first or last in the match.

Betting by the first half’s first or last goal is less tricky than punting for full-time, given that football is low-scoring. Yet, remember that a formidable defence can shut down even the best offensive teams in the opening half. Betting on “No Goal” might be a good idea, even on the first half, when it seems that either team’s defence is too formidable that the other team won’t be able to score a goal.

Exact Total Goals/Total Goals

The exact total goals, or total goals market offered by Singapore Pools, is the most complicated market in the total goals market variety. There is no room for error, given that if you fail to predict the combined number of goals correctly, you lose the entire bet. Odds might be pretty attractive, yet betting here is no joke. It is pure guesswork that takes patience in researching and analysing.


The four mentioned goal-based markets could earn you lots of money or bag great prizes. Yet, achieving such feats is difficult considering each wager’s outcomes, coupled with football’s unchanging unpredictability. 

Relying solely on Singapore Pools betting odds is a no go. You have to spend time checking the latest updates and recent statistics to formulate punting tactics. Finding a trusted online casino with a reliable sportsbook, like CMDBet, is also a must.

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