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Singapore Pools Betting: The Different Goal-Based Wagers

Soccer is naturally a low-scoring sport where games can occasionally end without any goals being scored. While a 0:0 doesn’t happen too often, low scores below 2.5 are common. According to Betting Offers, the most common score in five seasons of the English Premier League from 2015/16 to 2019/20 is a 1-0.

Because people can find stats on the most frequent scores, it can be fairly easy to guess how many goals are scored per match. However, it’s still difficult to guess the exact score of a game since a match that people think will end up goalless can end up with a 1-0 score, while another game that people think will have a lot of scores end up goalless. Most of the time, relying solely on Singapore Pools soccer odds isn’t helpful.

Betting on which team will win can be fairly tricky if bettors are not informed on how good the teams are, but betting on the following markets allows bettors to have an easier time betting.

Besides those markets, bettors can also bet on other similar, albeit harder, markets, including the following:

Goal-based bets aren’t necessarily the easiest-to-win bets to make, but they’re easier than guessing which team will win. Sports bettors should consider betting more on the first three markets we mentioned above to have a relatively easier time betting and only dip their toes every now and then on the other five markets we provided. This allows them to have a better time betting because there’s minimal research compared to the other five markets and the 1X2 market or moneyline bet.

Should bettors still want to bet on other markets like the Correct Score market, then they can follow the tips below:

Singapore Pools Betting: The Different Goal-Based Wagers

Tips for Making Goal-Based Wagers

Research Thoroughly

Different football teams will have different scoring conditions, and checking them out will allow bettors to make the correct guess on the final score of a match. This knowledge is helpful when betting over/under, odd/even, both teams to score, and team goals. People betting on the other markets should check the player lineups to determine whether there’s a particular player who’ll likely be an anytime goalscorer, which team will make the first or last goal, what the winning margin will be.

Sports might still have difficulty winning a correct score, first goalscorer, and last goalscorer market.

Take the Fixture into Context

A football match can have two high-scoring teams with a great deal at stake, and bettors will immediately know that it is a perfect game for an over 2.5 bet. Figuring out which team will make the first or last goal or who the first and last goalscorers will be is extremely difficult. Some fixtures may also feature teams with injured players, and betting on such matches may be better.

Consider the Different Betting Markets

Bettors have access to multiple relatively easy betting markets, and they can pick one from the other based on what they’re comfortable with. If the bettor is confident, they can predict whether both teams will score, they can go for the BTTS market, but those who aren’t sure but do know a match will be low-scoring can bet on under 2.5. If the league’s top goalscorer is playing, bettors might want to try their hand in the goalscorer market.

Sports bettors can bet on different betting markets based primarily on the information they gather from research.

Research Thoroughly

Consider Parlays

The over/under, odd/even, and both teams to score markets are easy betting markets that punters can use for multi-leg parlays. Placing multiple easy bets and ending it with a well-researched correct score, goalscorer, team goals, or first goal/last goal bet may let the bettor win big. This is mainly thanks to Singapore opening odds for different fixtures through the easier-to-win goal-based markets and ending with a more challenging market.


Many soccer fans and bettors focus on goals when betting and watching soccer, and there will be people who’ll bet using goal-based markets. Taking advantage of such markets is feasible as long as the bettors understand them and know how well the teams score and defend goals.

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