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Singapore Pools Betting: Team Goals Market

Football, being the most-watched sport globally, has attracted many sports bettors to gamble on the various betting types across the sport. Different football gambling options require specific betting strategies which add flair to the overall football experience. Betting on team goals is one of the most prevalent in the betting market.

Singapore Poole Betting: Team Goals Market

Team Goals Market

Numerous factors helped football become the most popular sport, and goals are something that fans anticipate for every game they watch. Many fans are looking to start their betting journey with all of the major football leagues worldwide almost halfway through their season.

The most basic option in the team goals market is betting on the exact total goal that a team will score on the match. This is simple to understand because the bettors just need to predict the exact number of goals that the clubs will score in the match. For instance, if the bettor is gambling on the match between Tottenham and Arsenal, the gamblers just need to think whether the team they’re supporting will score 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 & Up.


Total Team Goals (Over/Under)

Over/under soccer betting in Singapore is one of the most known and most wagered games across sports bettors. In team goals, if the bettors think that their team will score more goals than the betting line they picked, then they will put their stakes on “Over.” On the other hand, people will need to bet on “Under” if they think the team will not score more than what they are betting on.

In a match between Tottenham and Arsenal, if the bettors think that Tottenham will score three or more goals, they should bet “Over 2.5” for Tottenham. But if they predict that Tottenham will only score a goal, they need to bet on “Under 2.5” for Tottenham. This market is straightforward and available in most sportsbooks, making it perfect for beginners who only know about a particular team they’re backing.

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Clean Sheet

If strikers are known for goals, the goalkeepers are recognized by their saves. This is a particular type of betting where the bettors predict whether the team have a clean sheet, which means they could keep their opponents scoreless throughout the game. Here, the options to bet on are “Yes” or “No.”


Sample of the clean sheet market offered by SBOBET.

As shown in the sample of the market above, sportsbooks also offer home win nil and away win nil or home team/clean sheet win and away team/clean sheet win respectively. In the standard clean sheet, it doesn’t matter whether the team the bettors bet on wins or not. In the clean sheet win or win nil, the team must both win and maintain a clean sheet.

Knowing the play style and how the teams fair with each other will help you determine which clubs are capable of doing it. However, you can also make an unexpected bet and gamble on the team that many bettors think will be less likely not to concede a goal.

Clean sheet betting is easy to grasp, but it comes with risks for many bettors. No matter if the team you bet on wins, if they allowed one goal or even an ‘own goal,’ you are done. Extensive research before diving in will certainly help increase your chances of winning.


The total team goals and clean sheet betting markets might not be the most profitable, but it is very simple to play and can give you a decent amount of money when you win. However, the competitive and unpredictable nature of the sport can ruin your bet, which is why it is essential to gamble with a trusted online casino in Malaysia or Singapore that offers football betting in Singapore pools.

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