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What is Singapore Pools? ( Infographic )

Many Singaporeans love to gamble and watch sports, and what’s better than mixing these two things to have the best experience. Sports bettors will frequent Singapore Pools’ football odds and fixtures to see which events are offered and take advantage of whatever odds are offered, especially when betting on the underdogs.

We mentioned Singapore Pools above because it is currently the only legal lottery subsidiary company in Singapore that also offers sports betting options. It plays a vital role in countering illegal betting in the country by providing a safe, legal, and trusted avenue for people to gamble. Gamblers won’t bet illegally through common gaming houses. Singapore Pools has evolved rapidly to keep its games relevant while creating a secure gaming environment.

Both gambling and sports betting are regulated by the Common Gaming Act, Betting Act and Remote Gambling Act in Singapore. In general, betting is only legal in Singapore when betting through Singapore Pools.

What is Singapore Pools?

What Singapore Pools Offers

Singapore Pools offers a limited number of betting options for Singaporean bettors, including the following:

  • Lottery
    • TOTO
    • 4D
    • Singapore Sweep
  • Sports Betting
    • Football Betting
    • Horse Racing
    • Motor Racing
  • Remote Gambling

Singapore Pools is primarily a state-owned lottery subsidiary company that also offers other services. Horse racing is under Singapore Turf Club, but Singapore Pools has taken over betting operations. On the other hand, remote gambling has just been legalized under Singapore Pools to allow bettors to bet on sports and play lottery without going to other online casinos to play.


Foreign Sportsbooks vs. Singapore Pools

The state-owned lottery offers a limited number of games and sports that some bettors might find lacklustre compared to what foreign sportsbooks might offer. Singapore Pools offers only football betting, horse racing, and motor racing options, while foreign sportsbooks typically offer more sports selections.

Singaporean bettors can only bet legally through Singapore Pools, but many bettors also choose to bet through foreign sportsbooks due to the advantages of betting there. For starters, 18-year-olds can’t start betting on sports through Singapore Pools until they reach the age of 21, but they can actually do this through foreign sportsbooks. Many foreign operators also offer enticing promotions that Singapore Pools doesn’t typically offer.

The Legality of Remote Gambling

Even though many Singaporean gamblers frequent online casinos and bookmakers, betting through them is technically illegal. Singapore passed the Remote Gambling Act in 2014 that essentially made all online gambling activities prohibited, and then Singapore Pools was granted an exemption to this law in 2016. The only way that other online activities will be legal in Singapore is if other sportsbooks and online casinos are exempted from the law, like Singapore Pools.

Singapore Pools may be the only domestic betting option available, but many foreign sportsbooks continue to accept Singaporean gamblers. Some online betting sites stopped operating in the country because of the Remote Gambling Act, but others continued to cater to Singaporeans. The betting sites themselves aren’t doing anything illegal, and it’s the bettors who are at risk.

Tip on How to Bet in Singapore

Bettors can avoid getting charged for illegal gambling by not gambling in public places or common gaming houses where people typically engage in habitual gaming. Bettors can keep themselves secure by gambling with a trusted group of friends and not inviting anyone else to join them.

People should also try to avoid betting with seasoned gamblers who may attract attention from the authorities. Seasoned gamblers are typically the ones who are willing to stake high when gambling or currently have outstanding debts due to their gambling habits.

Individual bettors should avoid betting in public places and announcing that they’re gambling. Bettors should continue betting in private and avoid turning it into habitual betting. If bettors want to risk betting through a foreign online casino, they should keep it private.

The top online sportsbooks currently in Singapore are CMDBet and United Gaming. Gamblers can bet through such sportsbooks by registering in an online casino in Singapore.

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