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Singapore Pools Betting: What is the Winning Margin Market

Should sports bettors want to steer away from the moneyline bet they’re already probably used to but don’t necessarily want to try the more difficult correct score market and other similar bets, they can try out the winning margin market. The winning margin is an excellent alternative to the correct score. Even though bettors still have to guess the exact score in some manner, the market allows for more possible winning outcomes since people will be betting on the exact difference between the winning team and the losing team’s goals.

People placing a bet on the winning margin market will have to choose one team who will win and guess the difference between the two teams’ scores. Singapore Pools football betting, especially EPL betting, can be more interesting when betting on the winning margins.

Sample of the winning margin betting market offered by SBOBET.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Betting on the Winning Margin Market

The winning margin betting market has pros and cons, namely the following:


  • Allows more winning outcomes
  • The odds and winnings are high
  • Adding one winning margin bet to a parlay will increase potential winnings


  • It’s still difficult to predict a winning margin, like how difficult it is to predict the correct score
  • In-depth research is necessary to have a better idea of the correct outcome
Singapore Pools Betting: What is the Winning Margin Market

What to Check on to Help Predict the Correct Winning Margin

Research is necessary to make winning bets when betting on different sports consistently. The winning margin market is no different if bettors want to take advantage of the market’s high odds in a parlay.

Sports bettors will need to check on a few specific things to improve their chances of winning.

The Head-to-Head Record

Comparing the previous head-to-head matches between two teams is wise to identify which one has a better chance of winning. The historical data of the participating teams can indicate what will happen in a match. If both teams competed against each other in the past and one team managed to score more than four goals, it might be a good idea to bet on the 4 &Up selection. If a sportsbook offers the 2 &Up selection or a smaller margin, then bettors will have a bigger chance of winning.

Bettors should also check a particular team’s record against other similar teams. If bettors want to bet on Chelsea against Man City, they can check on how Chelsea was doing against other teams like United, Aston Villa, Tottenham, and others. The same goes if bettors want to bet on Man City. Checking on the opposing team is also possible to see if the team they’re backing will have a chance of winning.

Season Form

Aside from looking into the head-to-head record, bettors should also look into how both teams performed in the current season. Looking into the average number of goals scored and conceded by a team can help the bettor have a better idea of how a team will perform and how many goals they can score in a match.

It’s hard to get a clear outcome to be able to bet on the correct score market, but they can have a better chance with the winning margin market.

Current Form

A football club’s past track record and form can be very different to their current form and condition, especially since clubs can lose seasoned players, sign new talents, or have their players get injured. A football club that was having a hard time winning matches may have just lost several of their top players to injuries and might be able to come back once the players return.

Potential Profits from a Winning Margin Bet

The winning margin market is a suitable alternative to the correct score market because both markets have high potential winnings and because they involve the final score. In the winning margin market, bettors can be less specific with the result and have a better probability of winning. Although research is necessary to win any bet consistently, it’s significantly easier to do so when betting on the winning margin.


Winning Margin in Different Sports

This betting market isn’t exclusive to football, and other sportsbooks can offer it on other sports as well. Most major sportsbooks will offer more betting markets, including winning margin, on big football leagues like the Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, UEFA Champions League, and others.

Bettors can use the market on any sport where scores are given, whether they be ball sports or racket sports. Below is a list of sports where sports bettors can place a winning margin bet.

  • Cricket
  • Rugby
  • American Football
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Ice Hockey
  • Hockey


The winning margin market is not solely focused on predicting a match’s outcome but also on the margins of winning. Bettors who want to spice things up a little without going for the more complicated betting markets like the team goals and correct score betting market can easily integrate this market into their betting strategies.

It’s always important to research first before placing a bet on any market. However, bettors can potentially cheese the market by using the market only on safer selections and matchups where close games are more likely. When the bettor knows which team will win but know that it’s a close match, then betting on 1 margin and a particular team or are simply going for short odds betting, they can potentially win more often than when betting on long odds. Bettors should still stay on top of the current football news, especially the big leagues.

Once bettors know how to place winning margin bets and profit from them, they’ll only need to look for the right online casino or sportsbook to bet in. Sports bettors will need to register in a reliable live casino in Singapore or Malaysia to bet in to have a good betting experience and not worry about getting scammed off their winnings. They can register in CM2Bet and start football betting through Singapore Pools.

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