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Biggest Futures Bet Wins – Infographic

Winning while betting on a sportsbook’s or Singapore Pools sports selections is a dream that many sports fans will have since they’ll be able to make a quick buck while watching a game. Being able to have fun watching a game, showing support by betting on the team or player they want, and winning money is great and all, but the only way they can win big is by betting high, and not everyone has the bankroll to do this.

Placing moneyline bets and other relatively easy to win bets will only net people some small profits, but placing futures or outright bets can be more profitable when bettors get lucky. Placing futures bets only has the drawback of being extremely hard to win since there are no guarantees on who’ll win, even when betting on the favourites. However, it’s not impossible to win big when using the outright market, and several bettors already did.

Because rich bettors can easily win big by placing big bets even through the moneyline market without parlays, this article will focus on those who placed relatively low bets and won big after, with only a few exceptions.

Biggest Futures Bet Wins

Rory McIlroy’s Father Winning $130,000 After Betting on His Son’s win

It’s normal for parents to support their kids and root for them to win in contests and different sports events, and it’s also arguably normal to bet on them when it’s possible to place bets. Betting on their kid eventually winning a championship far in the future may be somewhat surreal, but it’s still possible.

Superstar golfer Rory McIlroy not only won the Open Championship in 2014 but also allowed his father to win $130,000 from a 200 British pound bet made 10 years before. Rory was only 15 years old then, and his odds of winning were 500-1 or 501.

Ten years after the bet was made, Rory McIlroy’s father won $130,000.

Even in Death, a Tennis Fan Wins £100,000

Betting on certain things happening far in the future will not guarantee any positive results, but it can be fun and exciting especially when people do get lucky and win. It’s unfortunate, however, when someone does win a futures bet only to end up dying before they find out they won.

Nicholas Newlife is one such bettor who placed a 1,500-pound bet on Roger Federer winning his seventh Wimbledon win a decade before he could do so. Federer managed to achieve this feat in 2012, but Newlife passed away in 2009. The odds were 66/1 or 67, and Newlife would have won £100,000 had he been alive.

Fortunately, Newlife stated in his will that any of his subsequent gambling winnings would go to Oxfam International. Newlife’s bet paid out, and Oxfam won £100,000, as shown in this article by the Daily Mail.

Grandfather Wins £125,000 by Betting that His Grandson will Play Professionally

Who in their right mind would look at their infant grandchild and start thinking that they’ll be a professional athlete someday? Well, one grandfather did just this and even thought to stake 50 British pounds on the chance that the toddler would someday represent Wales as a professional soccer player.

The child’s odds of eventually becoming a professional player were 2,500/1 or 2,501, and that child is now Fulham FC’s Harry Wilson. The grandfather, Peter Edwards, confidently placed the bet and won £125,000 by the time Wilson became a star when he was 16. Wilson became the youngest player to represent Wales, and Edwards immediately retired after winning his bet.

Fan Bets on a 13-Year-Old to be a Formula One Racer and Wins £165,000

Is there anyone who’ll just think that some kid will eventually become a Formula One racer after seeing them play on a go-kart racing track? Sure, go-kart and Formula One are both races, but they are still different right? Apparently not for Richard Hopkins, who placed multiple bets in 1998 on a kid named Lewis Hamilton, who he saw on the go-kart track, eventually becoming a Formula One champion.

Lewis Hamilton is currently a Formula One racer who won the Brazilian Grand Prix 10 years after Hopkins placed his bets. Hamilton’s success allowed Hopkins to win several bets, including a 200-pound bet with 201 odds and a 50-pound bet with 1,501 odds. Hopkins’s bet on a kid allowed him to win £165,000 10 years later.

Anonymous Bettor Wins £200,000 on Leicester City’s Miracle Run

Everyone will agree that underdogs with odds of 5,001 have no chance of winning the English Premier League, and only some people will even think of betting on them. Leicester City was one underdog that won the Premier League in 2015, and several bettors who backed Leicester won big. Among such lucky bettors include the following:

The Daily Record reported on UK bookies facing a £20 million total payout after Leicester’s title victory.

The most notable bettor was an anonymous bettor who won £200,000 after staking £100 on Leicester with odds of 2,000/1. The bettor is completely anonymous, and no further information is known about them.


The bettors mentioned above didn’t strategise and simply placed bets according to what they believed in. Even when the odds were too high, they placed bets and got lucky and won. Any Malaysian or Singaporean bettor can somewhat replicate the results by betting on selections in the outright market with MY and SG odds of 501 and higher.

Malaysian and Singaporean bettors who want to try and replicate this will need to look for a reputable sportsbook or go bet on Singapore Pools football fixtures using the outright betting market. Simply backing the favourites in a league isn’t enough to win big, so they should try betting on high odds from time to time.

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