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Soccer Betting Guide: Best Sports Betting Markets for Beginners

Sports bettors worldwide will encounter different betting markets when betting through different sportsbooks or with Singapore Pools’ sports offerings in the case of Singaporean sports bettors who won’t gamble with foreign bookmakers. Not all betting markets are the same, and some of them can be the reason why bettors are having a hard time winning.

Some of the betting markets that allow for big returns are the following:

These markets may allow for big winnings, but they’re typically hard to win in, and bettors will need tremendous luck or extensive research to take advantage of the odds and win big. However, many of the biggest sports betting winners worldwide who didn’t start with an extensive bankroll managed to win thanks to jackpot bets relying on a combination of parlays and moneyline bets. Bettors can replicate this when they can’t bet on jackpots by placing multiple moneyline bets or other easier to win betting markets in a parlay.

Beginners, however, might not want to dabble in these things and start off with some of the easier to win bets. Some of these markets include goal-based markets and bets similar to moneyline.

Best Betting Markets

Moneyline Bet

The 1X2 or moneyline bet is by far the simplest betting market there is since bettors only need to guess which team will win or if the match will end in a draw. It’s similar to how people will bet on sports with their friends when they say this team will win while the other won’t.

It’s also easier to find value in this market than in others since bettors can generally eyeball which team will win based on a sportsbook’s or Singapore opening odds. The favourite will most likely win while the underdog won’t. Doing some research can also help beginners learn to value the underdogs when their research suggests that the underdog has a chance to win, regardless of the odds.

Thanks to this market’s simplicity, beginners can get started in the betting world with this market.

Double Chance

Double chance is similar to moneyline but gives bettors more chances of winning by allowing them to bet on two outcomes.

Sports Betting Guide: Best Sports Betting Markets for Beginners

A sample of the double chance market by IBCBet.

Based on the image above, bettors can bet on either home or away teams winning, the home team winning or the match ending in a draw, and the away team winning or the match ending in a draw. This essentially gives bettors more chances of winning, especially when they don’t know which team will win.

The odds in double chance are typically lower than that of moneyline bets because bettors have bigger chances of winning here.

Both Teams To Score

Compared to the markets above, the both teams to score market is arguably an easier market to win in since bettors only need to guess whether both teams will score or not. It doesn’t matter which team will win, as long as both teams score at least one goal when they bet “yes.”

Both Teams To Score

A sample of the BTTS market by IBCBet.


The over/under total market is great for bettors who don’t know which team will win but has a rough guess on how many goals will be scored in a match. Singapore Pools offers the market for Singaporean gamblers, usually with the only selection being over or under the score of 2.5.


Singapore Pools EPL odds for the over/under market on a match between Watford and Norwich

Betting over 2.5 allows bettors to win when the final score is 3 or above, while betting under will enable bettors to win when the score is 2 or under. Because soccer is a low-scoring sport, bettors can have a good chance of winning by sticking to the under 2.5 selection.


The odd/even market is similar to the over/under in that it doesn’t matter which team will win as long as bettors know what the final score will be, whether it’s an odd number or an even number. Sports bettors can treat the market as a market with a 50/50 chance of winning, especially since a match that ends with a final score above 2.5 can still be either odd or even.

Even the current stats from 1x2stats regarding the odd/even market show that bettors have a 50/50 chance of winning in several leagues, or at least close to 50/50.


Bettors who haven’t been able to stay up-to-date with the current odds and standings in a league, sports bettors can continue betting comfortably through odd/even by guessing whether the final score is odd or even.

odd even 2

Singapore Pools soccer odds for the odd/even market on a match between Sydney FC and Perth Glory

Halftime Versions of Betting Markets

When betting on sports, bettors will see some betting markets with either First Half or Halftime written on them. These betting options are arguably easier to win in than their full time counterparts. Among the first half and halftime betting options available are the following:

  • First Half / 1X2
  • First Half / Full Time
  • First Half / Total Goal
  • Halftime Total Goals Over/Under 0.5
  • First Half First Goal / Last Goal
  • First Half Odd/Even
  • First Half Correct Score

Of the options mentioned above, beginners should focus more on the first half or halftime versions of 1X2, over/under, and odd/even. Total goal is arguably another good option if people are confident enough to guess the score in the first half of the game.

The strategies for such betting options are pretty much the same as their full time versions.

How to Take Advantage of These Markets

Beginners can try their hand on parlays when they use the betting markets discussed above, mainly because they’re easier to win than other markets. A good strategy is using double chance, both teams to score, over/under, or odd/even in a parlay, since they’re generally easy-to-win markets.

It may be best to avoid parlays when bettors are just getting started, but betting on 2, 3, or 4-leg parlays using simpler markets can be suitable for beginners. Longer-legged parlays are inadvisable because it’s harder to win them, mainly since one loss results in losing the entire bet.


Sports betting don’t need to be hard, as long as bettors don’t start betting on hard betting markets like the outright market, correct score, or exact total goals/pick the score. It’s difficult to win on these betting markets, and starting off in easier markets like the ones discussed above are advisable. As long as rookie bettors don’t complicate their bets and stick to simple betting markets, they’ll have an enjoyable experience in sportsbook betting Singapore or Malaysia.

Bettors only need to register in a trusted online casino Malaysia or Singapore with great sportsbooks offering the best bonuses and promotions to its bettors. Beginners in the sports betting scene can register today at CM2Bet to start betting.

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