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Blackjack Strategy Guide: When Should Gamblers Split

The simplest rule when playing live blackjack is always to be aggressive when the dealer looks weak. Blackjack basic strategy will help gamblers know when to hit, stand, surrender, or split and better understand when the dealer is weak.

When playing blackjack, gamblers will find that they can split their cards into two separate hands. When splitting, gamblers will need to place an additional bet equal to the amount of their original bet, and they’ll receive an additional card for each hand.

Blackjack Strategy Guide: When Should Gamblers Split

Why Split in Blackjack? Why Not?

The main reason why gamblers should split in blackjack is to take advantage of the dealer looking weak. The gambler will have double the amount of money on the table and potentially win twice the amount they staked.

However, just because the dealer looks weak doesn’t mean it’s an automatic split. One reason is that gamblers may not have enough in the bankroll for a split, and another is that the gambler might already have a 20 and a good chance to win only to risk losing it all if the split goes wrong.

When to Split in Blackjack?

Gamblers should remember to split only when they have favourable cards when playing live blackjack online. Gamblers shouldn’t automatically split just because it seems that the dealer has a bad hand.

Looking for a blackjack strategy guide can help gamblers determine whether they should split or not. Generally, gamblers should follow the instructions below:

  • Always split aces
  • Don’t split tens
  • Split 9s if the dealer’s hand is 2-9, except for 7
  • Always split 8s
  • Split 7s if the dealer’s hand is 2-7
  • Split 6s if the dealer’s hand is 2-6
  • Don’t split 5s
  • Split 4s if the dealer’s hand is 5-6
  • Split 3s if the dealer’s hand is 4-7
  • Split 2s if the dealer’s hand is 3-7

Blackjack Split Rules

Different casinos and blackjack tables might have different rules about splitting, and gamblers should consider double-checking the rules before playing in an online casino. Among the different rules are the following:

  • Some casinos only allow splitting ten-value cards of the same rank. Following this rule, gamblers won’t be able to split a hand of a jack and a queen.
  • Doubling down and splitting hands may be limited after the first split.
  • An ace and a ten-card may not be regarded as a blackjack 21 after the first split.

Gamblers are not generally allowed to hit more than once after splitting aces.

Blackjack Split Rules

Risk of Splitting

Even when gamblers split correctly, especially while counting cards, there’s still a chance that gamblers will lose. Many professional blackjack players who won big against the casino are card counters, and some of them still lose from time to time even after playing correctly.

When splitting while using basic strategy, and possibly counting cards, gamblers shouldn’t get frustrated when they lose and just continue playing using the strategy or stop for the day


Splitting cards effectively increases a gambler’s potential winnings by taking advantage of a dealer’s weak hand. Gamblers only need to follow basic strategy to ensure that gamblers split cards properly.

Gamblers only need to look for an online casino Singapore or a top online casino Malaysia. Gambling through a reputable casino will allow bettors to have a secure betting experience and keep gamblers from getting scammed off their winnings.

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