Soccer Betting Guide: How to Win in the BTTS Market (Infographic)

Betting on sports is fun, but it can be hard to win when placing simple moneyline bets and harder betting markets. The Both Teams To Score market is one beginner-friendly market where bettors only need to guess whether both teams will score a goal or not.

Both rookie and seasoned bettors can find value in the BTTS market as it’s easier to win in the market and can easily be used for parlays. Betting on sportsbooks in Singapore and Malaysia allows local sports bettors to use parlays to stack the BTTS market’s low odds and allow for big winnings.

While the market is already simple and easy to win in, bettors can still have a hard time winning when they don’t know when to bet “yes” or “no.”

Soccer Betting Guide: How to Win in the BTTS Market

Look for High Scoring Teams

Sports bettors can use research and statistics to increase their chances of winning. One way to do so is combining the threshold of two football teams’ strike rates to determine if the match they’re participating in is a good one to bet on both teams scoring. If the strike rate threshold exceeds 100%, then the match will likely end with both teams scoring and a bettor betting “yes” winning.

It’s also possible to check whether both the home and away teams are high-scoring teams and base the bet on that knowledge alone. Checking both teams’ histories are good enough for this.

Look for Two Teams with Poor Defence

Apart from looking for high scoring teams, bettors should also consider checking the teams’ defence. Teams with high defence won’t likely give up goals that often, and the chances of the other team scoring will be low.

Soccer games are usually low scoring, so Singapore Pools soccer odds for markets focusing on the number of goals will be low the higher the scores are. If a team has a good defence, they won’t likely give up goals and make the match even more low scoring.

While several recent EPL matches had both teams scoring, several of them only conceded one goal, and there are even matches where one team made multiple scores with the other not scoring anything. Betting “yes” when the two EPL teams are either competing for the title or are equally matched is safe, but it can be risky at times since several matches also ended goalless.

Check the Latest News

Bettors should keep up to date with the latest match results and news to get an idea of whether the teams will continue to be scoring a lot or not. A team that once conceded a lot of goals might have started improving their defence in the last match, or a low scoring team suddenly be able to score more goals than before.

Changes in a team’s performance usually occur when a new manager takes charge or recruits new players. Any injuries are also vital information since good attackers and good defenders can get injured and negatively affect their respective teams’ performance.


Knowing how to win the BTTS market is necessary to be able to take advantage of this market for parlays. The BTTS market alone isn’t exactly profitable unless used in short-leg accumulators, and bettors will likely be using the market for casual betting and parlays anyway.

Generally, bettors should bet “yes” when the participating teams are high scoring and usually have a poor defence. Bettors should bet “no” when the teams are low scoring or when the participating teams have high defence. Bettors should only be concerned about ensuring that both teams score at least one goal when betting “yes,” so they shouldn’t concern themselves on which team will win.

Once bettors know how to use the BTTS market, they can start football betting Malaysia or Singapore through sportsbooks like CMDBet, SBOBet, and M8Bet.

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