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Top Five Reasons Why Sports Betting is Popular in Malaysia – Infographic

Online sports betting is one of the fastest-growing entertainment options in multiple countries worldwide, including Malaysia. This type of online betting introduced plenty of options for sports fans and bettors as they can go to different sportsbooks in Malaysia, compare odds and fixtures, and bet on the most popular sports events.

Even if it’s technically illegal to bet in Malaysia, bettors can typically mitigate the risk by not betting in common gaming houses and betting online. Our article titled “Is it Legal to Bet Online at Home in Malaysia?” provides more information on betting legally. It mostly focuses on betting at home without anyone else betting with them.

Sports betting is popular in Malaysia, there’s no question about that, but it’s important to know why this is the case.

Top Five Reasons Why Sports Betting is Popular in Malaysia

It is Convenient to Bet on Sports Online

Betting on sports is a convenient way to gamble while also being able to watch sports when betting live or at least show support to a team by betting on them. Being able to bet after registering in an online casino in Malaysia adds to the convenience since bettors no longer need to go to Genting to bet or to look for illegal bookmakers to satiate their need to bet on sports.

Online sports betting in Malaysia allows for round-the-clock betting since bettors can access sportsbooks and see the odds they offer 24/7 while staying at home.

Have Access to Many Different Betting Options

Online sports betting gives sports bettors access to various sports, including soccer, basketball, baseball, tennis, and even esports. Sports bettors can bet on different sports, especially when the league they want to bet on still hasn’t started its next season.

Besides many sports to bet on, sports bettors also have access to different betting markets. Among these markets include the following:

Rookie bettors can stick to simple 1X2 or Over/Under bets while more adventurous bettors can use harder betting markets like Total Goals, Correct Score, and Outright to try and win big.

Option to Bet Live

As stated above, Malaysian sports bettors can bet live when betting through online casinos. The sportsbooks they typically have access to, like M8Bet and CMDBet, will offer live odds, and bettors can look for sites streaming the sports events they want to bet on.

Betting live is better than betting early when using certain markets since it’ll be easier to guess the outcome when bettors see how a match unfolds.

Online Sports Betting is Secure

As our previous article titled “5 Myths about Online Casino Gaming in Malaysia” stated, the idea that sports betting sites in Malaysia aren’t safe is a myth. Of course, there are unsafe sites operated by scammers, but bettors can easily avoid them by only registering in an online casino with a Transport Layer Security or TSL protocol that encrypts the communication protocol in Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure or HTTPS. A valid SSL certificate is also necessary to determine that a betting site is valid.

Betting through trusted online casinos in Malaysia like CM2Bet ensures that the bettors won’t be scammed off their winnings.

Be able to Bet any Amount

Should bettors want to bet through Genting or illegal bookmakers, they may be forced to bet a certain amount and not have the freedom to bet low to maintain even small bankrolls. However, betting through trustworthy online casinos gives bettors more freedom on how much to bet while using secure e-wallets.

Bettors only need to make a one-time minimum deposit to get started on betting.


Sports betting is popular in Malaysia because it is convenient, especially since bettors only need to register in a reputable online casino to get started. Bettors no longer need to go outdoors to bet since they can bet at home and even have access to multiple excellent betting options.

Sports bettors only need to register at CM2Bet and start betting with us. CM2Bet is a top online casino in Malaysia that offers both live odds and different sports betting and even options for Malaysia horse racing live today.

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