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5 Myths about Online Casino Gaming in Malaysia – Infographics

Playing online casino games is an excellent alternative to gaming in traditional casinos when Malaysian gamblers can’t go to Genting for whatever reason. Of course, gamblers will need to look for a trustworthy online casino in Malaysia to play in, but there can still be some worries that would prevent people from gaming online.

Many Malaysian gamblers, both newbies and veteran casino-goers, may have doubts about online casino gaming due to the precarious nature of gambling in Malaysia. Besides the fact that gambling is generally illegal, there are also many different shady online casinos and gambling sites in the country and common gaming houses where betting really is illegal.

Most gamblers also generally believe in five myths that effectively hamper their online casino gaming experience.

5 Myths about Online Casino Gaming in Malaysia

Online Gambling is Illegal

Online gambling is illegal in Malaysia, but bettors can easily circumvent this by betting at home through an online casino and avoiding common gaming houses. It’s illegal to bet in common gaming houses under the Betting Act 1953 and Common Gaming Houses Act 1953. Any place can turn into a common gaming house when two or more people gamble for real money in one space, so family and friends betting under the same house will effectively turn their home into a common gaming house.

Betting alone, however, allows bettors to exploit a “loophole” since they’ll be betting alone in private. The only way to bet alone is by doing so through online casinos. Gamblers arguably have no risk of getting in trouble when gambling online since the authorities are more focused on illegal operators and common gaming houses. They can learn more from our article about whether it is legal to bet online at home in Malaysia.

Online Casinos are Not Safe

The greatest myth with online casino gaming that carries some weight since the risks are real is the fact that there are unsafe online casinos. Gaming on shady sites can result in gamblers getting scammed off their winnings, and there’s even a risk of data breaches if gamblers use one password for multiple accounts.

Trusted online casinos in Malaysia will use extensive security measures to protect their users’ safety and identity, allowing them to gamble without worrying about getting scammed. The best online casinos in Malaysia will have TSL or Transport Layer Security protocol that encrypts the communication protocol in HTTPS or Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. Site visitors will typically see that a site is secure when a padlock icon is in the URL toolbar.

Online Casinos are Not as Entertaining as Traditional Casinos

It is a fact that live casinos have a lot of entertainment options, and it’s really fun to gamble live due to the atmosphere in the casino and the alcohol served to the players. Online casinos naturally won’t have the same atmosphere and experience as traditional casinos, so there’s the myth that there are limited entertainment options in online casinos.

However, online casinos are open 24/7, and they don’t only offer RNG-based online casino games. Gamblers can still play in front of a live dealer since casinos now stream their dealers, so gamblers can interact with a real dealer instead of trying their luck with random outcomes.

Gamblers also have access to a wide range of casino games they can play without leaving home.

Online Casinos are Rigged

Because online casinos typically use RNG-based casino games, many people readily believe that all their games are rigged. It’s far easier to believe online slots are rigged instead of trying their luck with progressive jackpot slots until they win.

RNG-based games also cannot be rigged since their outcomes are entirely random. While it’s possible to manipulate the RNG in video games because they see the numerical values of specific actions, it’s practically impossible to do this in online casino games where most values are inaccessible, so both the house and gamblers will have no control over the outcome.

Playing live casino games is also enough to get people from playing any rigged online casino games if there are any present. Because gamblers will be able to see the games conducted in real-life through live games, they won’t have to worry about casino games being rigged.

Players can Cheat

Many people will try to cheat when gambling for real money, and some people might think that they can do so when playing in an online casino. It’s practically impossible to cheat in a traditional casino, and any cheater will instantly get blacklisted from it. Some people might think that they can finally cheat and win, but most online casinos will have countermeasures set in place.

Online casinos that have been operating for many years have already predicted nearly every illegal move a player will make and are already using advanced systems to protect other players. The last thing a casino wants is to lose money, and they’ll do everything to prevent that, especially by preventing cheaters from cheating them.


Many Malaysian gamblers believe such myths because they already have laws against illegal gambling, and many people won’t have the experience of gambling. Malaysians can game in online casinos by betting in private, and they won’t have to worry about getting scammed off their winnings through a reputable live casino online in Malaysia.

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