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Soccer Betting Guide: How to Increase Your Chances of Winning?

Watching sports is popular among Singaporeans, so is betting on it. Football is one of their favourites, alongside horse racing. Soccer betting in Singapore is fun and pretty straightforward. It offers many markets to bet for, giving bettors many opportunities to try their luck and win prizes.

However, betting on football is not as easy as many have said. Relying solely on a sportsbook’s or Singapore Pools football odds and fixtures is a no-go. Beginners wanting to make a livelihood out of it shouldn’t bet on a whim. Mastering football betting starts from learning the basics, as preparation is the key to success.

Below are some of the basic sportsbook and Singapore Pools football betting tips and strategies to increase your winning chances:

Soccer Betting Guide: How to Increase Your Chances of Winning?

Avoid Listening to Tipsters

Winning in football betting can come in handy, given the numerous factors bettors have to consider. Newbie bettors might even ask other people for tips that can serve as their guide in betting.

It is alright to ask questions, especially if you’re a rookie bettor. Yet, plenty of contradicting advice from different tipsters might confuse you. So, doing your homework is the best solution. You have to research, watch and analyse games, and stay informed. In this way, you learn the sport and how to bet to win.

Do Not Forget to Research

Success doesn’t come naturally, even in football betting. Bettors might be lucky in their first time, but luck itself is not enough. Research is the factor that sets winning bettors apart from their losing counterparts.

Betting on a whim is a bad idea to lose your bet. Get yourself informed about the teams, players, competition, and bets. Feel free to read sports blogs and articles or review previous head-to-head matchups. By having sufficient football data, it helps you make wise moves and be confident in taking your chance in soccer betting.

Understand the Different Betting Markets

Aside from researching football, it is necessary to grasp the differences of each football betting market. Various betting markets mean variations in mechanics on how it works. Saying such, bettors should have established game plans for each.

Sports bettors can have an easier time winning when avoiding some of the hardest betting markets out there. Betting on goal-based markets is easier than guessing the winner of a match is, but there are still several difficult goal-based markets as listed in our article titled the “Top Four Hardest Goal-Based Markets for Bettors.”

Instead of betting on hard markets, bettors should consider betting on the best markets for beginners first, like the ones listed below:

Bettors who aren’t confident should not bet in the first place. This is a sign of unpreparedness and lack of concentration that could affect his betting decisions. Before betting, it is crucial to research and have that winning mindset.

: How to Increase Your Chances of Winning?


Increasing your chances of winning in football betting doesn’t happen overnight. Achieving a successful betting spree takes time, effort, and dedication. Bettors have to check the statistics, review team and player performances and gather as much data as possible. Besides, grasp the various betting markets to avoid falling for tipsters’ advice.

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