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What Not to Do When Online Casino Gaming in Singapore?

Singaporean bettors are limited to Singapore Pools online betting on football, horse racing, motor racing, and 4D. Once they’ve registered in an online casino, they may have difficulty adjusting to betting in a casino due to the abundance of casino games and a different overall experience.

Online casino gaming is generally more relaxed and faster-paced than online sports betting, except for live Singapore Poos, live sports, and virtual sports betting. However, first-time casino gamers may get flustered and confused with the new environment and commit several mistakes when gambling. Because of this, gamblers must consider several things when starting out in an online casino.

Registering In the First Casino They Find

When searching for an SG online casino, bettors will see multiple casinos from the get-go. Gamblers usually make one mistake: settling for the first casino they find and not comparing different casinos.

Casinos compete against each other by offering different games through different game providers. Some casinos will offer games from the following providers:

  • Allbet
  • Evolution Gaming
  • AE Casino
  • BBIN
  • SA Gaming
  • Micro Gaming
  • Pragmatic Play
  • WM Casino

Other casinos might offer games from other providers, while others might only offer games from some of the abovementioned providers. Some casinos might not have games from Allbet, BBIN, and Micro Gaming, while others might only focus on more popular providers like Evolution Gaming and Pragmatic Play.

Some casinos also have game providers focused on sports betting and horse racing Singapore. If bettors want to experience a different sports and horse betting experience, they should look for casinos that have the following providers as an example:

Different game providers also feature different minimum and maximum bets, so it’s a good idea to first check which casino has which games to be able to play. Additionally, not all casinos are reputable, so bettors must be careful in choosing the right casino to register in and deposit their money.

Constantly Playing Obscure Games

Gamblers can choose from a wide selection of casino games when gaming in an online casino instead of a traditional one. The only problem with the wide variety of games is the presence of obscure games where the mechanics aren’t well-known.

Experimenting with casino games isn’t a problem in itself; the only problem is constantly playing it with real money. Beginners should stick to more beginner-friendly games, while experienced bettors should play games where they already know how to win. Many experienced bettors playing for real money usually play blackjack or baccarat as they’ve mastered blackjack strategy and baccarat strategy, respectively.

Gambling Emotionally

Anyone can quickly get emotional when playing casino games, especially when they’ve been on a winning or losing streak and are trying to chase losses. Betting when being emotional is a bad idea since it’s a sure way to lose money, especially when they get greedy and stake high.

The moment gamblers get emotional when betting, they stop thinking clearly and won’t be able to take calculated risks. It’s safe to say that emotional gambling is a good way to waste money.

Ignoring Bankroll Management

Gambling emotionally isn’t the only sure way to lose money, and another is by ignoring bankroll management entirely. Managing a bankroll is necessary to keep bettors from losing their entire betting budgets and bankrolls as they unconsciously chase losses since they don’t limit how much they bet.

Gamblers can effectively manage their bankrolls by doing the following:

  • Playing only within the bankroll
  • Using win/loss limits
  • Staking low

To learn more on managing bankrolls, gamblers can check our article on managing a $100 bankroll.

Ignoring Bonuses and Promotions

Online casinos will have different bonuses and promotions that gamblers can easily take advantage of to maximise their winnings and increase playtime. Different casinos will have different bonuses, but they’ll usually feature welcome bonuses, daily deposit bonuses, and VIP bonuses.

Gamblers should learn to take advantage of bonuses and promotions whenever possible since they can extend their bankrolls and increase their potential winnings. All they need to do is meet certain rollover requirements for their bonuses to be eligible.

Gambling with Friends Under One Roof

Singapore is known as a country with strict gambling laws, and bettors usually only have one choice to bet online, and that’s through Singapore Pools. If Singaporeans want to gamble online, they’ll need to register in a Singapore casino and bet alone since remote gambling and gaming in common gaming houses are illegal.

When Singaporean bettors start betting with habitual gamers and in common gaming houses, it’s possible that the authorities can catch on, and the gambler gets in trouble.

Registering with Fake Credentials

Even if Singaporean gamblers want to keep their identities secure and safe from the authorities, gamblers must absolutely avoid registering in an online casino with fake credentials. Underage Singaporeans should never lie about their age or any other gambler fake their name since casinos won’t pay out to such gamblers.

Casinos will require a proof of identity to ensure that the gambler is real and is using their true identity before allowing gamblers to transact. If gamblers have successfully registered with a fake name and the casino realises that the gambler did so, their account will be frozen.


Online gaming in Singapore is possible since gamblers only need to register in a trusted casino like CM2Bet. After registering, they only need to avoid making unwise betting decisions and play rationally while staying within their bankroll. The moment they gamble recklessly and ignore bankroll management is the moment they start losing money.

Rookie gamblers should try playing more beginner-friendly casino games instead of harder ones. Roulette is one good game for beginners and gamblers, and they have a decent chance of making money once they learn how to win at roulette.

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