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Singapore Pools Betting: What is Halftime-Fulltime Betting?

When moneyline betting or betting on the outcome of the first half isn’t enough for a sports bettor, then bettors can try betting on harder markets like the Halftime-Fulltime market. In this market, bettors have nine outcomes to choose from, with some of them being a Home-Home outcome where the Home team wins in the first half and the entire match.

When betting on Singapore Pools football odds and fixtures through the Halftime-Fulltime market is similar to the 1X2 market specifically, and not the two-way moneyline bets Draw No Bet and Double Chance. This is because bettors don’t bet on a match ending in two ways, and they must predict the exact outcome of a match.

The Different Possible Outcomes of the Halftime-Fulltime Market

Sports bettors can choose from nine different outcomes when betting on the Halftime-Fulltime market, which are the following:

  • Home – Home or HH
  • Home – Draw or HD
  • Home – Away or HA
  • Draw – Home or DH
  • Draw – Draw or DD
  • Draw – Away or DA
  • Away – Home or AH
  • Away – Draw or AD
  • Away – Away or AA

Most sportsbooks present the market using HH, HD, HA, and so forth, as shown in CMDBet’s odds for the J-League Division 1.


In Singapore Pools, the market is presented differently, and both “Home” and “Away” are replaced with the respective teams playing as the Home and Away teams. The image below shows Singapore Pools’ odds on Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo vs Nagoya Grampus for the Halftime-Fulltime market.


In Singapore Pools, Home-Home became C Sapporo – C Sapporo since Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo is the Home team. Bettors can have an easier time betting through Singapore Pools because both Home and Away teams are already replaced with the actual team names instead of figuring out which team is the Home or Away team. Of course, betting through sportsbooks like CMDBet and M8Bet is arguably better because they have more options than Singapore Pools offers.

How Easy or Hard is it to Win in Halftime-Fulltime?

While the odds in the Halftime-Fulltime market may be higher than in the 1X2 market and the easier First Half 1X2, it’s significantly harder to win in this market. The reason is that sports bettors must guess the correct outcome of the first half and the entirety of the match. For example, if bettors bet on a Home – Home outcome and they get the first half outcome right, then the match ends in a draw, and the bettor still loses.

While it is difficult to win in the Halftime-Fulltime market, sports bettors can improve their chances by focusing on specific outcomes and researching the match beforehand.

Halftime-Fulltime Tips

Focusing on Team Strengths

Like how sports bettors should bet on the strongest team to win, bettors should consider looking for games where there is a definite favourite and strong team that will definitely win the match. If there is a clear team that’s stronger than the other team, then betting on it is a no-brainer even if the odds don’t agree.

If the Home team is clearly stronger than the Away team, then betting on a Home – Home is likely a safe bet. However, a Draw – Home can also be a likely outcome if there’s no doubt that the Home team will win, but the Away has a strong defence that can keep the Home team from scoring a goal in the first half.

Comparing the 1×2, First Half, and Halftime-Fulltime odds on a single match might help bettors have a better idea of who the favourite is, at least.

Considering when Goals are More Likely to be Scored

Sports bettors must also remember that goals aren’t always scored throughout the match. More goals are scored during the match’s second half mainly because teams tire out as the match goes on. Strong defences in the first half can weaken by the second half, resulting in the participating teams conceding more goals than normal. Another reason is that teams are more likely to make attacking substitutions during the second half to focus more on the attack instead of defence. This is because the teams are more likely to chase a deficit or ensure they win during the match’s second half.

Betting Offers looked into what half has the most goals scored by comparing the number of goals scored during several seasons of the English Premier League, Championship, League One, and League Two. Their research revealed that the average number of goals scored in the second half is higher than in the first half.

Bettors can use the fact that more goals are scored in the second half to their advantage by betting on a Draw at Halftime and then on Home or Away on Fulltime. This approach is ideal when it’s hard to determine the winner because two strong teams are competing in a match.

Hedging Bets

Because it’s difficult to determine the correct outcome in the Halftime-Fulltime market, it should be a good idea to hedge bets using the First Half 1X2 market. Bettors can bet on a draw on the First Half 1X2 then bet on a Home – Home, Away – Away, depending on the odds. Hedging by betting on Home – Home and Draw – Home in a single sportsbook or placing one bet through a sportsbook and then one through Singapore Pools.

Betting on a draw in the first half then hedging with a Home – Home bet follows the idea that more goals are scored in the second half, so betting on a draw in the first half will make sense. If ever a draw doesn’t occur in the first half and the Away team does win the match by scoring in the first half, then an Away – Away bet will win.

Of course, a simple Home – Home bet through M8Bet and an Away – Away bet through CMDBet can still work as the simplest way to hedge a bet, but one should keep in mind that draws are more likely to occur during the first half of a match.


The Halftime-Fulltime market is a tough betting market to win in, but once bettors understand how matches will end, there’s a good chance they can take advantage of this betting market. The odds in this market are higher than in the 1X2 market, so bettors should try winning in this market to increase their profits per betting session. Their best bet is by looking into which teams are likely to win and then betting on a Draw – Home or Draw – Away unless their research says otherwise.

Of course, using Halftime-Fulltime in parlays should be avoided because it is difficult to predict the outcome and the fact that one loss means losing the parlay bet. Placing one or two bets in one session should be enough when soccer betting in Singapore until bettors can get the hang of the market, but parlays should be avoided.

Once sports bettors know how they’ll use the Halftime-Fulltime market or if they want to try using the market for the first time, they should register in a reliable online casino like CM2Bet. Registering in CM2Bet allows bettors to bet through reliable sportsbooks like M8Bet and CMDBet, while also benefitting from their wide selection of sports events. With any luck, a bettor might stumble upon an obscure league and have an easier time winning than betting on more popular ones.

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