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Singapore Pools Betting: What is Trifecta Bet in Horse Racing

Betting on horse races in Singapore either through Singapore Pools or in betting sites is extremely popular among local bettors. This is because they can horse races live and have a chance of making a profit. Bettors can either place horse bets at home or at the track, depending on where they want to place their bets.

Bettors can choose from different horse racing bets to make the most out of their bankrolls, including trifecta bet.

What is Trifecta Bet?

The trifecta bet is one of the exotic bets commonly offered by game providers in an online casino in Singapore and Singapore Pools. Also known as tierce, trifecta bets can potentially earn bettors a massive payout by predicting the first three horses to cross the line. Not only do the bettors have to guess the top three runners, but they will also predict their exact finishing order.

There are several ways bettors can place their trifecta bet, giving them more chances of winning and maximising their earnings. However, betting on trifecta is costly and risky. Like other exotic wagers that involve more horses or series of races, bettors must research thoroughly to make informed betting decisions for better odds of winning.

How Much is a Trifecta Bet?

The minimum stake for betting on trifecta usually starts at $2, depending on the race track or online casino.

Different Types of Trifecta Bet

Bettors taking chances on Singapore Pools horse racing odds have different options to place their trifecta bet. Specifically, the following:

Straight Trifecta       

This trifecta bet is the most straightforward type of trifecta wager. Bettors must bet on the three horses they believe will finish first, second, and third after the race. They must also correctly identify the finishing order to win their bets. For example, a bettor wins his straight trifecta bet 5-7-3 if horse #5 takes first place while horse #7 and horse #3 finish second place and third place.

Boxed Trifecta

In this trifecta bet, bettors still need to bet on three horses but do not have to guess the exact order. As long as the chosen runners take the top three spots, the bettor wins. For example, the bettor can win his 7-5-4 boxed trifecta bet regardless of the selected three runners finishing order.

Boxing trifecta is not limited to three horses, and bettors can add more horses if they want. Yet, bettors will also pay more to cover all the possible combinations. Using the same example above, the bettor needs to pay $6 because horses 7, 5, and 4 can finish the race in these six combinations:

  • 7-5-4
  • 7-4-5
  • 5-7-4
  • 5-4-7
  • 4-5-7
  • 4-7-5

Trifecta Key

This trifecta bet allows bettors to “key” a runner to finish first while choosing non-key horses to fill the remaining positions in any order. If the key and non-keys finish in their designated positions, the bettor wins. For example, the bettor keyed 7 to take first place with 2-4-3 as non-keys. The bettor wins if one of these outcomes occurs:

  • 7-2-3
  • 7-2-4
  • 7-3-4
  • 7-3-2
  • 7-4-2
  • 7-4-3

Boxing trifecta gives bettors more winning combinations but is costly. Based on the example above, a $1 7-2-4-3 boxed trifecta would cost $24. Bettors can instead bet on keyed trifecta to significantly lower the cost while having the most favourable combinations based on their analysis. For instance, the bettor can place a $1 trifecta key on horse #7 and pay $6 to cover horses #2, #4, and #3 and still win a big payoff.

Trifecta Wheel

This trifecta bet allows bettors to pick a horse to place first, second, or third while the remaining horses cover the other top positions. Bettors can bet on either trifecta full wheel or partial wheel.

Trifecta Full Wheel

This trifecta wheel type is fielding remaining horses to cover the remaining positions, especially if the bettor strongly prefers a horse. For example, the bettor believes that #2 can win first place in an eight-horse race but has no idea which horses to come second and third. He can full-wheel his trifecta and win as long as horse #2 comes first, regardless of the order of the next two finishers.

Trifecta Part Wheel

This trifecta wheel type is essentially the same as the trifecta full wheel. The difference between the two is that the bettor already has an idea of horses to finish second and third. Instead of fielding all horses, the bettors can wheel their favourite horse/s to other horses they guess would complete the top three. For example, the bettor predicts #3 to take first place and, at the same time, believes that #4, #5, and #6 will complete the top three. He can part wheel his trifecta and win as long as horse #3 comes first and two of the horses #4, #5, and #6 finish within the top three in any order.

Exacta VS Trifecta VS Superfecta

Exacta, trifecta, and superfecta are essentially multi-horse parlays, also called vertical horse bets, which require bettors to predict the correct final order of each race. The only difference is the number of horses bettors must bet for in a single race.

In exacta betting, bettors must pick two horses to finish first and second. As stated earlier, trifecta betting means wagering for the race’s top three finishers. The most difficult vertical wager to bet for is the superfecta because bettors must correctly guess the top four runners in the correct order.

Possible Payout of a Trifecta Bet

The pari-mutuel betting system determines the potential winnings bettors can earn when betting on a trifecta. In each horse racing event, trifecta tickets are accumulated to form a betting pool. Once the race ends, the betting pool is divided equally among all winners. 

For instance, if there are 100,000 trifecta tickets sold, with each ticket worth $2, the betting pool would be $200,000. If 100 bettors correctly predict the top three in order, the payout provided to each winner is $2,000. This example might not apply to online casinos because not all offer trifecta tickets for $2, but it gives bettors an idea of how trifecta payout is calculated and distributed.

How Can Bettors Bet on Trifecta Bets?

Bettors can place their trifecta bet through a human teller on the racetrack or online through an online horse betting site.


Trifecta bet is a good option for bettors to maximise their earnings in horse betting, but they must also acknowledge how costly and risky it is. Anything can happen in a race, so predicting the top three is no easy feat. Bettors must practise profitable betting habits, including thorough research and proper bankroll management. This way, they become disciplined in betting on trifecta bets.

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