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Is Gambling in an Online Casino in Singapore Legal? | Infographics

Online betting is a popular activity in Singapore, with the term Singapore Pools, the only legal betting option in Singapore, having a search volume of around 772,000 and other similar keywords having tens of thousands in search volume.

Through Singapore Pools, bettors can bet on football matches, horse races, and 4D Toto, but their selections are far fewer than what sportsbooks offer, and they can’t play casino games in Singapore. Because of this, many bettors opt to look for Singapore Pools alternatives and online casinos to have more betting options. However, there is the problem of whether it is legal or not.

Is Gambling in an Online Casino in Singapore Legal?

Legal Gambling in Singapore

Is online casino gaming legal in Singapore? No. How can you bet legally in Singapore? By betting through Singapore Pools.

Online gambling is only legal when gambling through Singapore Pools, and any gambling through non-government-based websites is illegal. Basically, gambling in Singapore is unlawful when done through the following conditions:

  • Social gambling in public
  • Online gambling and online social gambling outside Singapore Pools
  • Betting through unlicensed gambling providers
  • Betting while underage (below 21 years old)

Anyone caught gambling or operating a place for illegal gambling will be penalised.

Fines, Punishments, and Illegal Gambling Offences

Any Singaporean caught partaking in the following illegal activities will be liable to different punishments:

  • A maximum fine of $1,500
  • A maximum fine of $300,000, six-year imprisonment, or both
  • A maximum fine of $500,000 and seven-year imprisonment
  • A maximum fine of $10,000, six-month imprisonment, or both

Below are the offences covered by the different punishments:

Maximum fine of $1,500

  • Gambling while underage
  • Entering gambling areas while underage
  • Opening Singapore Pools gambling accounts

Maximum fine of $300,000, six-year imprisonment, or both

  • Gambling with under-aged individuals
  • Inducing under-aged individuals to gamble
  • Employing under-aged individuals for gambling operations

Maximum fine of $500,000 and seven years of imprisonment

  • Owner or occupier of a place used for illegal gambling
  • Organising, managing, or assisting in the management of a place used for illegal gambling
  • Financing a place used for illegal gambling

Maximum fine of $10,000, six-month imprisonment, or both

  • Being found in, being caught entering, or being found leaving a place used for illegal gambling

How to Gamble Legally in Singapore?

People still have legal options to gamble in Singapore, especially if they consider physical social gambling, apart from betting through Singapore Pools.

Bet Through Singapore Pools

Singapore Pools is the legal betting option in the country, and bettors will only need to register through them and start betting. They only need to be careful not to register in fake S’pore Pools websites and apps.

Fake Singapore Pools mobile app on Google Play store grabbed from Channel News Asia. (Screengrab: Singapore Police Force)

Betting through a legitimate Singapore Pools website will give bettors a secure betting experience.

Participate in Physical Social Gambling

Physical social gambling is gambling in person at an individual’s home with either friends or family without any commercial gain. In other words, gambling for fun and not for real money or any other private gain.

Gamble Only Through Licensed Gambling Providers

Because Singapore Pools does not offer casino games, their betting options are more limited than what online casinos and sportsbooks typically offer. When betting online through them, bettors must make sure that they only gamble through licensed casinos and providers. In addition to licenses, they need to look for a trustworthy Singapore casino.

CM2Bet is a CMDBet betting agent in Singapore, and CMDBet is licensed by the Cagayan Economic Zone and Free Ports. CM2Bet is also an Allbet betting agent, which has a license from First Cagayan and certification from Gaming Laboratories International and other well-known gaming providers. Gaming through CM2Bet will allow bettors to win real money without any fear of getting scammed off their winnings.

CM2Bet can be a great alternative site to check for odds similar to Singapore Pools soccer odds while also having a wide selection of different casino games, including blackjack, baccarat, and online slots in Singapore.


Gambling in an online casino in Singapore is illegal, but bettors can register in online casinos, and the casino can legally accept the Singaporean bettor. The risk is on the bettor, not on the overseas operator. Because of this, it’s best to look for a licensed online casino to start betting on, especially since scammers run many fake online casino sites.

Register now at CM2Bet to get started playing casino games and betting on sports. You can also read certain tips on the site, including betting tips on the 1×2 market and other betting markets.

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