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Singapore Pools Betting: Different Strategies When Using Exotic Bets

Singaporeans typically watch and bet on horse racing at the same time. Given the locals’ love for SG horse betting, online casinos offer different horse bets bettors can try, including exotic wagers.

Exotic horse bets are basically multi-horse/multi-race parlays that bettors can take their chances to win large sums of money. Wagering on straight exotics can be rewarding but also risky and expensive because more horses are involved. Because of this, bettors must strategise to improve their odds of winning. They can do the following strategies to better their chances:

Researching Before Betting

Exotic betting is difficult to win because bettors need to successfully predict the horses to take the top spots or the winning horses for each race. It is important for bettors to inform themselves about the race/s, such as the participating horses, the jockeys, and the track condition. They can do this by researching thoroughly before placing wagers on Singapore Pools or other horse betting websites.

Researching allows the bettors to understand the winning chances of each horse necessary to determine the best bets to bet on. Bettors themselves can nonetheless make informed bets out of research instead of relying alone on Singapore horse racing live odds, gut feelings or tips from tipsters. For example, the bettor finds it hard to pick horses for his exacta bet, yet he learned that horse #5 won its last 10 races by looking at the previous race history of each participating horse. This bettor can build his bet on #5, given that the horse has run well in past races.

Keying Exotics Instead of Boxing

Keying exotics allows bettors to select their “key” horse or the runner they predict will cross the finish line first. Bettors must also pick three or more “non-key” horses to complete the remaining positions, irrespective of the final order. This strategy is an ideal alternative to boxing exotics because it allows bettors to significantly reduce the amount to pay for all the possible winning combinations.

Although keyed bets cover fewer possibilities, they remain favourable to the bettor who personally selected the horses for his exotic wagers. For example, the bettor decides to key horse #6 with horses #2, #5, #4, and #3. He only needs to pay $25 in total for:

  • $1 to key #6
  • $24 to cover #2, #5, #4, and #3

Using the same example above, the bettor must pay $120 to cover all 120 combinations if he box his superfecta bet. 

Choosing Boxed Exacta over Quinella

Boxed exacta and quinella are almost the same, given that bettors can pick two horses they predict will take the finish line first and second in any order. The only differences between them are their cost and the number of horses bettors can use.

When betting on quinella, bettors are limited to two horses only, so these horses need to take first and second place irrespective of the order. For instance, bettors win their $2 quinella bet on horse #5 and horse #4 only if 5-4 or 4-5 is the final race order. If any or both fail to finish within the top two, they lose this bet. Because of this, some bettors opt to bet on boxed exacta that allows them to use two or more horses for better chances of winning, although they must pay more to cover all possible finishing orders.

Avoiding Superfecta and Pick 6

Superfecta and Pick 6 are considered the most challenging vertical and horizontal exotic bets, respectively. Betting on superfecta requires bettors to predict the top four horses in the correct order, while pick 6 takes guessing the winners in six consecutive races. Bettors can nonetheless maximise earnings with these exotic bets but not without thorough research, sizeable bankroll to spare, and luck on their side.

Before placing a superfecta or pick 6 bet, bettors can instead place bet on exotics easier to win first, such as exacta, trifecta, daily double, or pick 3. This way, they can earn enough money to bet on the hardest vertical or horizontal exotic wager. Bettors must only take note that the payout for every exotic bet is determined by the pari-mutuel betting system. Specifically, the betting pool size and number of individuals who have the winning ticket determines the price money the bettor will receive.

Focusing on Easy to Win Exotics First

Betting on exotics involves two or more horses, making it more complex and harder to win than straight bets. Bettors serious about earning large sums of money through exotic betting can start with easy-to-win exotic wagers. As stated earlier, the likes of Exacta and Daily Double are easier to win, given that both require betting on two horses only. The lesser the number of horses, the less complicated it is for the bettors to determine the top runners. Upon getting enough funds with these bets, bettors can begin staking for exotic bets with more difficulty for a chance to earn huge winnings.


Exotic betting is perfect for bettors aiming to increase their earnings when placing horse wagers, although risky and costly. Through rigorous research, bettors can improve their chances of winning. With it, they can make informed betting decisions.

Bettors can key their exotics rather than boxing if they want to save money while still getting favourable combinations. In choosing between boxed exacta and quinella, bettors can select the former if they wish to use more horses. They can also start with easy-to-win exotics to earn enough money to bet on superfecta and pick 6, yet with research still.

Bettors only need to register on a reputable SG online casino, like CM2Bet, for the best horse betting experience safe from online scams.

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