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Blackjack Strategy Guide: How to Count Cards Safely

Card counting is a blackjack strategy that casinos worldwide hate so much because it gives players the advantage in a game, allowing them to beat the casino. Counting cards is not illegal, regardless of what the casino tells people, but it is something casinos can ban a player for. However, many professional gamblers still count cards and encourage people to count cards because it is essential to profit.

Because card counting effectively beats the casino, gamblers must know how they can count cards without getting caught by the casino.

Blackjack Strategy Guide: How to Count Cards Safely

Deliberately Make Mistakes

Religiously following basic strategy is vital to ensure that blackjack players will play correctly and have a chance of beating the casino. However, the casino can easily catch on when players make perfect plays or play cautiously until the end of the shoe. Players will need to learn blackjack deviations to be able to throw off the casino and make it seem that they’re rookies.

Playing like a rookie and making deliberate mistakes is advisable to make the casino think that a particular player is an amateur and that there’s no chance that they know how to count cards. Of course, playing bad is not enough since blackjack players still need to make money, and they can’t do so if they don’t know when to go back to following basic strategy.

Among some mistakes people can try making are the following:

  • Standing on 16 versus a dealer’s 10
  • Not hitting a soft 18 when the dealer has a 9, 10, or an ace
  • Taking insurance

Deviating from blackjack basic strategy is even more necessary when playing live blackjack online since many online casinos use software to determine whether or not players are counting cards. If a card counter is caught, they can get banned.

Avoid Hot Decks

It’s possible to get lucky when playing blackjack and win several rounds consecutively, and gamblers should try making the casino think they ARE only getting lucky. Gamblers should try walking away from time to time when the count is high to make it seem like they’re not counting cards and they’re just lucky.

Do it so often, however, and the casino might catch on or the player not be able to win real money and profit. A single break is enough to give a statement that a particular gambler is just getting lucky.

Return Some Money to the Casino

A lot of people want to learn card counting to beat the casino and make a killing, but bettors need to give back to the casino from time to time. Casinos hate losing money, which is why they have advantage players like card counters. Either lose money on purpose on blackjack or play other games where the casino has an advantage.

Spending the winnings on slots is perfect since slots are hard to win on, and bettors will likely lose a lot while playing. Casinos can’t exactly toss players out when said players are still making the casino money.

Return Some Money to the Casino

Make Quick Decisions

Rookie bettors can fumble around and take time to decide what to do when playing blackjack, but seemingly good players who hesitate will be suspected to be a card counter. Counting cards involves memorising basic strategy and deviations to ensure that they can have an edge against the house without getting caught.

When counting cards, gamblers should make sure that they can execute their card counting strategies flawlessly without delays. Hesitating with a decision due to being uncertain whether to hit or stand because the player lost count or forgot the right play can easily give away a card counter.


Card counting is a skill that requires a lot of practice to master, especially when aiming not to get caught. Blackjack deviations are necessary to ensure a smaller chance for casinos to catch on and ban a card counter. Memorising basic strategy and when to deviate from it is a complex skill that will take a lot of practice to master.

Playing blackjack online can make it even more difficult to count cards when the online casino uses special software to track the shoes being dealt and the players’ betting patterns. Deviating from basic strategy can help ruin a betting pattern, but players must still learn not to make a pattern through deviations. Blackjack players can learn more on basic strategy, doubling down, surrendering, counting cards, and deviations from our previous articles below:

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