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Soccer Betting Guide: What to Avoid When Betting in the Correct Score Market?

Singaporeans can place their bets in football betting markets, including the correct score market. In this football wager, bettors must correctly predict the match’s final score to win. It also has long MY and SG odds because determining the final score is hard, enticing bettors to bet as enormous profit await them.

However, some consider it one of the hardest betting markets for bettors. Betting on the correct score takes a high risk as uncertainties can influence the outcomes of Singapore Pools football fixtures

Red cards, penalties, and the key player’s performance are factors that can put a bettor’s stake on a losing end. Football is unpredictable, making it hard to determine the results of each game. Hence, bettors can increase their winning chances when betting on soccer by avoiding the following:

Soccer Betting Guide: What to Avoid When Betting in the Correct Score Market?

Betting for More Than One Game

Guessing the correct score of a single match is difficult as the odds are extensive. So, staking in more than two fixtures can only increase the risk. Only a few had pulled it off but generally, predicting the correct scores of two or more games is an impossible task. Focusing on one game in a bet slip is better than risking one’s stake in multiple games.

Staking High

Bettors stake high to bag the big prizes. However, such is not an easy feat to achieve on correct score wagering. Football’s unpredictability makes this goal-based market highly risky. Expected high-scoring matchups can end in low scores, such as 1-1 or 1-0. The same applies in games anticipated to go low-scoring but went 5-0, 3-3, or other scorelines under the “any other score.” 

The best choice is to start with a small stake to lessen the risk of losing huge money. Practising proper bankroll management helps bettors to bet wisely and with discipline.

Betting for Goalless Draw Correct Score

Football games are naturally low-scoring, with even a possibility of a 0-0 draw. Instead of placing a goalless tie in the correct score, another option is available for bettors. 

Bettors can hedge their goalless draw bet through the “no goalscorer” option in the goalscorer market. When the score ended 1-0, but the goal came from an own goal, the bettor still wins because this market excludes own goals in its count. This way, bettors can increase their odds of winning the 0-0 bet.

Not Researching

Researching does not guarantee 100 percent success when betting on football. However, bettors must not forget to do it before betting, especially in the correct score. 

Rather than listening to tipsters and believing oneself’s gut feelings, bet based on statistics, recent head-to-head encounters between the opposing teams, injury reports, and other relevant details. For instance, a bettor can bet confidently on high scores by learning the game is between the best offensive team and the weakest defensive squad. In the example, information helps the bettor make a data-driven decision. 

Betting on Parlays

The correct score market has long odds, making it terrible to use for parlays. Bettors will only win a parlay when they win all their bets. Winning parlays in the correct score wager is practically impossible. Avoiding parlays when using the correct score market is a no-brainer.

Betting for More Than One Game


Bettors can win big on the correct score market. However, they should remember that this market is not as straightforward as it sounds. Avoiding the things mentioned above can only reduce the risk but not ensure winning.

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