Common Misconceptions in Playing Online Slot Machines

Slot machines are extremely popular games in an online casino in Singapore. Many gamblers frequent it because online slots are easy to play. Slots do not require prior experience and extensive game knowledge to play and enjoy, as these games are designed to be simple. They offer fast-paced entertainment that attracts individuals to try them.

Anyone can win by repeating the same simple action of pulling the lever while waiting for similar symbols to match. The same principle applies to online slots though punters need to click or tap to take their chances.

Online slot games in Malaysia and Singapore are not only prominent because of fun and convenience, but also, there are conspiracies revolving around them. Some myths point out their unfairness as winning seems close to impossible. However, these are mere misconceptions with no basis, and some of them are the following:

Common Misconceptions in Playing Online Slot Machines

Casinos Rigging Online Slots

Typical hearsay about online slots is casinos rig them. Some believe that this happens because “the house always wins.” Indeed, casino management can choose from the predetermined return to player (RTP) settings, provided the developer permits them. However, this does not mean casinos can intervene in the outcomes of the games a gambler plays. 

Casinos employ random number generator (RNG) technology to ensure that every spin is independent or free from the influence of preceding rolls. Moreover, online slots undergo regulatory testing and auditing, so these machines provide the numbers they claim. 

Rigging accusations usually come from players experiencing a losing streak. In this case, gamblers must only stick to slot machines hosted by a trusted online casino Malaysia or Singapore for guaranteed fraud-free playing.

Slots Yet to Pay Jackpot Prize are Due for Big Winnings

This misconception is linked to the previous myth about online slots. Naturally, some can think this way, but slots are completely random because of RNG. Slots will remain the same regardless of whether they have already produced the jackpot. Results are all probability-based which makes every previous spin irrelevant. Hence, RNG produces the winning numbers, not the huge number of spins before.

Online Slot Payout at Certain Times of a Day

The time of a day has nothing to do with the winning chances of an online slot. The RNG itself has no idea if it is 11 in the morning, six in the evening, etc. Slots are entirely random, and anyone can get lucky to win the jackpot anytime. If gamblers win simultaneously, it is purely a coincidence that the RNG produced itself.

Slot Machines are Either Hot or Cold

It is not true that some slot machines are cold or hot types of slots. Hot-labelled slots are machines that pay more, while cold ones refer to slots not paying out no matter what. The presence of RNG makes this impossible because all spins are uninfluenced by the rolls that came before them. The RTP for each online slot is also different as casinos set themselves, so any gamblers do not know when they will bag huge bucks. 

When referring to the action of a single machine, the “hot” and “cold” terminologies are used to describe a slot. Both indicate previous performance as hot slots are actively paying lately while cold slots are the opposite.

Essentially, loose and tight and hot and cold slots are similar but differ based on the scenario. Gamblers use “hot” and “cold” when discussing an online slot’s recent payouts. The “loose” and “tight” terms refer to the overall slot performance in a specific casino. For instance, a loose slot in a casino can be looser or tight in others.


Playing slot machines is fun but winning on them is not straightforward. Gamblers must keep in mind when playing online slots not to rush playing aside from considering the terrible return rate of each slot and bonuses are not enough to win the cash prizes. Gamblers must also play on a top online casino Malaysia, like CM2Bet, for the best and safe online slot playing experience. 

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