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Reason Why You Lose in Baccarat – Infographics

Baccarat is a simple yet elegant card game where players make a single bet on a pair of randomly dealt hands where the one closest to a 9 total is the winner. Unlike blackjack, there’s no blackjack basic strategy guide needed to memorize to gain a competitive edge through basic strategy and card counting against the house when playing baccarat.

However, many people can still lose when playing baccarat online. Many people lose because they think that baccarat is a game of chance and that no player can play better or worse than others. This may be true when playing baccarat in an online casino since they might miss out on the live baccarat option and play an RNG-dependent version where gamblers cannot use any strategies besides bankroll management.

Besides playing RNG baccarat or treating baccarat as a random game, below are some reasons why people lose when playing baccarat.

Reason Why You Lose in Baccarat

Gamblers Betting on a Tie

Gamblers can make one out of three bets when playing baccarat, the banker bet, the player bet, and the tie bet. The banker bet is useful for winning a lot of money, and so is the player bet, when using the one-sided betting baccarat strategy. Both the banker and player bet are profitable in several ways, but the tie bet isn’t as great as the other two.

When people wager on a tie bet, they have a chance to win big if the cards drawn end up on a tie, but its house edge is significantly higher than both banker and player bets. Ties don’t happen too often in baccarat, and anyone betting on it consistently hoping for a winning streak will lose a lot of money.

Betting Too Much for Each Hand

How much people bet is directly related to how much they lose, so gamblers can lose a lot of money when they bet high on baccarat. It’s important that gamblers first manage their bankroll as a part of their baccarat strategy to limit how much they bet for each hand.

Setting up win/loss limits can help gamblers limit their losses and keep themselves from losing any winnings they have after a certain winning streak. If the gambler has a win limit of $200 and a loss limit of $80, they should stop betting when they finally win $300 or are down $20.

Gamblers can use the 1-3-2-4 baccarat strategy since they are essentially playing while managing their bankroll. The gambler needs to place a $10 bet on the player bet and to place $30 the next time if they win or bet $10 if they lose. Once they win the $30 bet, they need to place a $20 bet then place a $40 bet if they win again. The gambler will need to go back to step one or the $10 bet once they have a 4-win streak or when they lose somewhere in the sequence. Using the strategy can limit a gambler’s losses while maximizing their winnings.

Bankroll management and the 1-3-2-4 strategy are important because most gamblers start off with a $10 bet and double their wager size when they lose to erase their first loss while adding a $10 profit. Should they lose, they’ll lose $30 and lose more money if they repeat their flawed strategy.

Playing Too Fast Online

When playing baccarat in a traditional casino, the game plays faster than the other table games, but there is still a 100-hand limit per hour. When gamblers play online baccarat, it’s possible to play more than 600 hands every hour, potentially resulting in more losses.

Because of the pandemic, many gamblers have started gambling online to make smaller bets per hand. Smaller bets can limit a gambler’s losses, but it won’t matter when gamblers are playing too fast to the point that they forget any win/loss limits or at least suffer multiple losing streaks if they don’t have any set loss limits.

When gamblers play 100 $10 hands an hour in a land-based casino, they risk $1,000. If gamblers play 600 $2 hands an hour, they risk $1,200. Playing slower lowers the risk of losing money.

Once the gambler knows to avoid the reasons why people lose in baccarat, they can try playing baccarat in a live casino Singapore to play against a live banker while betting lower for each hand. They can register at to start playing baccarat online worry-free.

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