Most Common Blackjack Misconceptions – Infographics

Blackjack is popular among many gamblers because of how easy it is to play, the low house edge, and the Three To One Payout. Because many people think they can make good money on blackjack, they have some expectations of how the game works and assume differently when they lose frequently.

Many blackjack players have different ideas on how blackjack works, and a lot of them are misconceptions that either put their hopes up or keep them from playing. Some of them are listed below:

Most Common Blackjack Misconceptions

The Main Goal is to Get Close to 21

While it is true that getting close to 21 can help a gambler win, doing so even when you have a good hand or when the dealer has a bad upcard means increasing the chances of losing a bet.

Most people who try to get to 21 tend to ignore the dealer’s upcard and focus only on their cards to reach 21. One mistake that people make is hitting on 12-14 every time to reach 21. Hitting on 12-14 is good if the gambler counts cards.

The dealer must draw a hard or soft 17, depending on table rules. If there’s a good chance that the dealer will bust because they have an upcard of 4-6, the gamblers still can beat the dealer.

Blackjack Basic Strategy is Intense

Many blackjack players use the blackjack basic strategy to increase their chances of making money by religiously following a set of rules. Basic strategy involves many decisions that people must follow to decide whether they should hit or stand.

Because there are many things to remember about basic strategy, many people think it’s intense and hard to remember. However, gamblers can have an easier time practicing basic strategy by reading a blackjack basic strategy guide.


According to basic strategy, if the gambler has a score of 15 and the dealer has an upcard of 8, they should hit.

Following basic strategy is simple enough as long as the gambler fully knows blackjack strategy without looking at a chart. Playing blackjack online is even easier since no one will know that the gambler is consulting a chart for their decisions.

Bad Players Hurt a Gambler’s Chances of Winning

Many people believe that a lousy player ruins a gambler’s chances of winning a hand. One reason why people believe this is when a bad player hits and busts when another gambler could have used that card to win.

However, the truth is that a bad player’s bad decisions can also help another player when their bad decision leads to the dealer busting or get rid of a card that the next gambler doesn’t need to get a blackjack.

Gamblers Need a High Bankroll to Win

Because gamblers should manage their bankroll and stretch it, many people assume they need a large bankroll to play and win. Gamblers don’t necessarily need to have a large bankroll when playing blackjack, as long as they play at a table with a smaller betting range.

Card Counting is Illegal

As mentioned before, counting cards can help gamblers make educated decisions on when they should hit or stand. However, people think it is illegal and usually have more misconceptions about card counting that keeps them from practicing it.

Card counting is legal, and even if gamblers get caught, they won’t get charged and will usually only get banned or blacklisted by a casino because they don’t like you to win. However, playing blackjack online in an online casino will make it safer for people to count cards because the dealer and other staff won’t spot any possible mannerisms the card counter might have when counting.

Card Counting is a Get Rich Quick Scheme

Basic strategy and card counting may help gamblers win more and make money, but it won’t happen instantaneously because the players will still lose big here and there. One time, a long-time professional card counter suffered a losing streak so bad that he started doubting whether he was playing right or not.

Card counting is a way to help a blackjack player win more with the right bankroll and the right table. There’s no way to quickly turn a bankroll of $100 into $1,000,000 in a matter of hours.

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