Blackjack Strategy Guide: How Casinos Make Blackjack Players Play Badly – Infographic

Should the blackjack player not know about basic strategy, they can look for a blackjack basic strategy guide to improve their chances of winning.

Gamblers can profit from blackjack when they have a good understanding of basic strategy and can count cards well. Should the blackjack player not know about basic strategy, they can look for a blackjack basic strategy guide to improve their chances of winning.

Basic strategy helps gamblers know when it’s the right time to hit, stand, double down, split, or surrender, but some people might have a hard time following it. Bad gambling practices can surface, resulting in the gambler playing poorly and losing money.

Besides not knowing basic strategy, gamblers can also play badly thanks to the casino itself.

Blackjack Strategy Guide-How Casinos Make Blackjack Players Play Badly

Giving Bad Advice

When playing on a blackjack table, some people might be discouraged to use basic strategy as the dealer makes it seem that they have the gambler’s best interests in mind. The casino itself might deter people from using basic strategy by making the gambler make wrong decisions or quick ones.

The gambler might receive some bad advice from the dealer while playing the game, especially since people making sound decisions. The dealers are encouraged to keep the game moving and have as many rounds played as possible to keep the players from playing correctly.

Acting as Your Friend

The dealer will welcome players warmly to the table and get them to lower their guard to play games without reservation. The dealer knows how to engage their players and get them to think that they’re their friends. This is the case as long as the money’s on the table.

Once the player leaves the table, they’re no longer friends with the dealer. Blackjack dealers are actors and actresses that are tasked to take the players’ money.

Giving Fake Optimism

The casino is a happy place where people have a chance to win big as long as they keep playing. Casinos have music, alcohol, and women to help influence people to keep on playing regardless of whether they won big or lost a lot. At a blackjack table, the dealer will make small talk and keep the player’s hopes that a bad day can eventually turn around.

Once a blackjack player gets overly optimistic, they can commit the gambler’s fallacy and lose more than they can afford. A successful gambler can also get greedy and overcommit and lose all or most of their winnings when they continue playing for extended periods.

The dealers want a happy player playing blackjack, and they’ll do all they can to keep the players happy and optimistic. A happy blackjack player is likely to continue playing and to tip generously.

Getting the Player to Drink

Since the dealer will act as the gambler’s friend and keep the player happy during the game, they’ll likely get the player to drink. Nothing beats a drink to get someone in high spirits and have fun, but the price at the bar will likely discourage the gambler from buying one. In comes the dealer offering free drinks to the player.

As the players keep drinking, they can make irrational decisions and keep on playing regardless of their wins and losses. The blackjack player will have a hard time monitoring their bankroll and using an effective blackjack strategy while they’re enjoying their time at the table and drinking.

Getting the Player to Tip

Many land-based casinos are guilty of expecting the gamblers to help pay their employees through tips. Blackjack dealers are even friendly towards the players who tip them, further encouraging them to play and have a chance to win big.

Some players might feel obligated to tip their dealer when they win big since the dealers “help” them with their bets. Some dealers might even suggest that a lack of tips somehow contributes to a gambler’s losses.

How Gamblers Can Avoid These

Gamblers won’t have to worry about playing badly due to the casino’s acts that lead to the player losing money when playing blackjack online. Playing casino games online keeps people from getting influenced by the dealer or alcohol to make unwise decisions.

A blackjack player playing online won’t be able to tip the dealer, and any contact they’ll have will be through the screen. A dealer can still communicate with the player by reading the chat and then replying or giving suggestions on how to play, but the bettor might not be as influenced as when they’re playing inside a physical casino.

Playing blackjack in a live casino Singapore online lets people have a chance of winning more than when they play in a traditional casino. Register now at and play blackjack with us.

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