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Why Many People Started Online Gambling During the Pandemic

The novel coronavirus pandemic practically forced many people to stay indoors and limit their day-to-day activities. People suddenly had to rely on the internet extensively and engage with technology in new ways than what they are used to before the pandemic. One way that people coped to their new lives indoors is by gambling in casinos online.

Many sports bettors ran out of games to bet on and had to either make do with limited live games and virtual games or switch over to casino games. As more people run out of things to do and need an additional source of income, more people will likely play casino games online to try and make money while having fun.

What Led to an Increase of Online Gamblers?

The pandemic brought sudden change to many people’s habits, and the physical and mental impacts of the change led to more people looking for more ways to kill time. The best way to kill time while potentially earning money is by playing casino games like online slots, blackjack, baccarat, and roulette. Even Singaporeans had limited choices left when there weren’t any Singapore Pools live match left to bet on due to sports events getting canceled.

Among the impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak that led to more people gambling are the following:


It’s easy to get bored when people are forced to go on a routine for months with little else to choose from. Those people who can only swipe left, right, up, or down on their smartphones may be enticed to look for a mobile casino Singapore to play exciting games where they can potentially make money or lose it. The thrill of online betting in mobile casinos is enough to get people hooked on the experience and not get bored as they weather the pandemic.

The stresses associated with the pandemic can be alleviated by online casinos, especially when the gambler wins and gets to store the money in their bank accounts. Even if the gambler loses, the rush they felt when they thought they could win could at least possibly distract them from any anxiety they might have.

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Cancellation of Live Sports Events

Many sports events were cancelled worldwide, and only a few games were held in select countries. Most of the remaining sports events were obscure and didn’t have enough tipsters to help sports bettors decide what to bet on in a match. Even researching the matches and the teams and players participating in them is difficult as they’re less popular than other events like the English Premier League.

Shifting to eSports is a viable solution if the bettor enjoys watching people play a video game, but the research needed to bet correctly is different from live sports events. Some bettors might find it challenging to win a bet since they don’t know anything about the player/s and the characters they use in their matches, something only gamers will likely be able to grasp.

Virtual sports are another alternative to Singapore Pools live betting, but it is a bit more difficult to win since the matches are dependent on a Random Number Generator. There’s virtually no viable strategy to use in virtual betting except for short odds betting. Continuously betting on short odds isn’t profitable, especially since the underdog can suddenly win out of nowhere, which will likely happen when an RNG decides a match.

Closure of Traditional Casinos

The lockdowns implemented worldwide to curb the pandemic naturally resulted in many establishments closing down, including traditional brick and mortar casinos. Many people love to gamble in land-based casinos since that’s where gamblers can find the alcohol, the women, and the thrill of gambling. Because many people want to go to a physical casino, the casinos themselves had to be closed down to keep people from getting infected while gambling.

The lack of physical casinos to play in resulted in traditional gamblers migrating to online platforms to continue playing blackjack online.

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Did Online Gambling Become More Addicting During the Pandemic?

Many new gamblers will likely have trouble making sound decisions when playing casino games. Most newbie casino players won’t probably be able to practice proper bankroll management, so there’s a high chance that they’ll quickly lose money as they don’t spread their bets or they chase their losses. A new gambler can quickly become a problem gambler and incur a large debt as they try to sustain their gambling lifestyle.

Gamblers can get addicted easily since betting like live betting Kenya on games is so fast, and there’s no need to wait for the outcome of a particular sports event to be able to bet again. Gambling online also lets people use their credit or debit cards instead of cash to result in gamblers racking up debts. The speed of online gambling and the lack of cash to use when playing casino games makes it difficult to monitor how much the gambler is spending on games.

One more thing to think about is that people can gamble through mobile casinos using their smartphones to go online. Because people can bet anywhere anytime, and without anyone knowing, it’s possible to get hooked without anyone being able to judge the gambler.

It’s easier to get addicted to casino games when there’s nothing left to do, and both the increasing number of new gamblers and the problem gamblers continuously playing games will make sure that the gambling industry will continue to thrive. Even before the pandemic, there are already many problem gamblers, and they might have increased during the lockdowns. Getting addicted and becoming a problem gambler is not entirely dependent on getting stuck at home during the pandemic. There are many reasons people get addicted to things. The pandemic isn’t enough of an excuse for people to become problem gamblers, but it indeed contributes to anyone becoming a problem gambler.

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