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Esports Betting: What is Warcraft 3 Betting?

Warcraft 3 was a popular RTS game that still holds up today. It also featured custom maps and custom campaigns that made the game more popular and extended its life as the community continues to produce custom content to this day. One popular custom map that even became a standalone game is DotA or Defense of the Ancients, which then became Dota 2.

In the esports betting scene, Warcraft 3 has some pretty straightforward betting markets, mainly a two-way moneyline market where bettors can only bet on two outcomes. Some sportsbooks in Singapore might offer odds on other selections, including the duration of the match or win streaks. The game typically has two types of tournaments, namely the following:

  • 1v1 competitions
  • Team competitions

Betting on RTS games like Warcraft 3 and Starcraft 2 usually only gives bettors limited betting options compared to that of MOBA Games like Dota 2.

Esports Betting: What is Warcraft 3 Betting?
Some of CMDBet’s esports odds, with AFREECATV WARCRAFT3 LEAGUE being the only Warcraft 3 betting option at the time.

What is Warcraft 3?

Warcraft 3 is Blizzard Entertainment’s third game in the Warcraft franchise and is one of the older eSports games that is still played today. The vanilla version of the game, Reign of Chaos, was released in 2002, followed by The Frozen Throne expansion set, released in 2003. Because the game falls under the real-time strategy genre, players will normally battle each other by building bases, gathering resources, training armies, using special units called “heroes,” and teching up.

Players will use one of four races with different strengths and weaknesses, including hero units and skills. Speaking of heroes, players can also recruit certain neutral heroes that are not a part of their chosen race’s tech tree. The limit on the number of heroes trained per player is three heroes.

In 2019, Blizzard released a remastered version of the game called Warcraft 3: Reforged with updated graphics and rebalanced unit stats. While this aimed to improve the experience, many players were outraged because Blizzard released a buggy game and effectively replaced the classic Warcraft 3. Playing classic Warcraft 3 without using Reforged and switching to classic graphics is no longer possible without resorting to piracy as Blizzard forced classic owners to switch to Reforged, and refunding the game also removes the classic game.

Warcraft 3: Reforged received an update on June 15 that reportedly addresses player concerns by adding the following:

  • Ranked Play
  • Leaderboards
  • Player Profiles

The update may be able to revitalise the multiplayer scene by ranking players and introducing both ranked and unranked play.

Warcraft 3 was popular before, and even with the controversy with Reforged, Warcraft 3 still continues to pop up in different sportsbooks to this day.

Competitive Warcraft 3

As mentioned before, Warcraft 3 has two types of tournaments, namely the 1v1 and team competition formats. Bettors can bet on several major tournaments, including the following:

  • WoW BlizzCon World Championship
  • American Championship
  • European Championship
  • Arena World Championship (AWC)

The Warcraft 3 prize pools for the tournaments can reach up to $280,000, with many people watching the competition on-site and online. Warcraft 3 fans can watch games through Twitch and YouTube, either through the game’s official YouTube channel or the game’s Twitch channel or Warcraft 3 streamers and YouTubers like WTiiwarcraft, Back2Warcraft, and FollowGrubby. FollowGrubby is currently testing Reforged’s new update.

Biggest Warcraft 3 Tournaments

Warcraft 3 may be two decades old right now, but it’s still a popular game with big tournaments taking place worldwide. Among the biggest Warcraft 3 esport events are the following:

ESL Pro Tour

The ESL Pro Tour is a worldwide Warcraft III tournament with a prize pool of $205,000 that features some of the best players in Warcraft 3. Starting in 2021, the competitions are aligned with the new tier levels: the ESL Open Cups, Qualifiers, and Challenger Events leading to the WC3 Championship.

Unfortunately, the 2022 ESL Pro Tour was cancelled as the program did not reach the targets set for 2020 and 2021.

Warcraft Gold League

Besides the ESL Pro Tour, the Warcraft Gold League is the most important Warcraft 3 competition. Blizzard Entertainment organizes this league, and it takes place in Shanghai, China. This league has both summer and winter competitions which are then followed by a grand final.

In 2020, Infi won both the summer and winter events before securing the grand final victory in January 2021.

Where to Bet on Warcraft 3?

Esports bettors can bet on Warcraft 3 matches through sportsbooks and esports betting providers. Bettors can access these by registering in a trusted online casino in Malaysia or Singapore while also ensuring that their winnings are safe.

The sportsbooks available in CM2Bet include the following:

  • CMDBet
  • UG Sport
  • Saba Sports

Warcraft 3 Betting Tips

Betting on Warcraft 3 matches is different from MOBA betting and is also different from other RTS games since different RTS games have different mechanics that affect how it is played. Some games are micro-heavy, where players must actively use different unit abilities to influence how a match ends. Others are macro-heavy, where players must focus more on the economy, base building, and army management.

Warcraft 3 is a fairly balanced game, with the META (Most Effective Tactics Available) only changing a bit based on patch updates. Even with META changes, bettors can use the following tips to help with their betting.

Research the Best Players

Right now, the best Warcraft 3 player is Infi, a famous player from China with career earnings worth $526,440. He’s placed first in multiple events, with the most recent one winning the Super WGL in January 2021.

Other top Warcraft 3 players include Lyn and TH000. Anyone betting on Warcraft 3 events should look into who the top players are per league to help on how they place their bets. This also applies when betting on team competitions.

Research Previous Match-ups

When two players or two teams have faced each other before, checking their past matches together will give an idea of how the next one will end up. Sportsbooks will also likely refer to the past match’s result and base their odds on it, but both map selection and race selection may tilt the favour in the underdog, and bettors can take advantage of this through live betting.

Of course, if one team has suffered a significant losing streak against a particular team, it’s unlikely that an upset will occur.

Consider Team Strength

Team tournaments play out differently from 1v1 tournaments since a solid team can help its members deal with unexpected events in-game. When watching players like WTii, they can see that a makeshift team can be a burden to other members, and even one missing member doesn’t automatically mean defeat.


Warcraft 3 betting is an interesting experience since bettors can watch games involving a lot of units battling it out and racing to destroy enemy bases before the enemy army can teleport back to defend. The experience is completely different from MOBA games like LoL and Dota 2 since the game involves more macromanagement, and a lot of stuff can happen when the players aren’t on top of things.

Registering in CM2Bet will allow bettors to bet on sports either through the standard sportsbooks or through dedicated esports sportsbooks like the following:

  • TFGaming
  • Saba eSports

Only by registering in a trusted online casino Malaysia or online casino Singapore, depending on where the bettor is from, can bettors enjoy betting on esports.

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