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Tips to Win Big when Playing Roulette

Tips to Win Big when Playing Roulette

The gambling sector in Southeast Asia saw an exponential rise in online casino outlets in recent years. This makes placing bets and playing casino games more accessible to many rookie or professional gamblers, allowing them to place wagers with just a few clicks on their devices.

One classic casino game that can now be played through an online casino in Singapore and Malaysia is roulette. Its availability on digital casino platforms made the game more popular with many people, even those just starting their betting journey.

Although roulette is relatively easy to grasp, the losing nature of any market in the industry can lead to extensive financial implications in the long run. This is why it is essential to look for tips that can help increase their chances of winning a roulette game, whether on physical gaming houses or online casino platforms to bag home big prizes once they win.

Carefully Check the Games First

Even before placing your first bet, it is vital that you do proper research about the different layouts of the game that various online casinos offer. The three layouts, European, American, and French, provide different playing experiences and chances of winning. Understanding these roulette layouts will allow you to choose what fits your needs and which table can potentially bring you a huge payout.

For those who still do not have an idea, staying away from American layout roulette games is always advised because of the lower odds of winning. The extra “00” slot that American roulette has makes the chances of winning one in 38, compared to European and French’s one in 37.

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Try to Spread or Combine the Bets

Placing multiple bets for different options is a great way to keep the table more fun and entertaining. The possibility to combine wagers is one of the main reasons why roulette games are always fun for many bettors. Besides making the experience livelier, combining bets can also lead to bigger payouts, especially if all chances were able to win.

For example, you can combine a “straight up” bet where you will place wagers on a specific number and a “street” bet where you will bet on a particular row of three numbers. If you also placed a bet on the street where your chosen number is and the ball landed on it during the draw, it is guaranteed that you’ll have a huge profit for that round. This is mainly due to “straight up” bets having a 35:1 payout and “street” bets having an 11:1 payout.

Place Huge Bets

If you feel a little lucky before you play, why not use a massive amount from your bankroll and risk it in placing your bet. Though it is not advised to use a large portion of your budget in one chance, a little stroke of luck can significantly increase the funding used for betting on future games.

For high rollers, they can place their bets on either “straight bet” for a single number that has a payout of 35:1. They can also maximize the gamble and go for a “split bet” for two adjacent numbers, with a considerable payout of 17:1. These “inside bet” options have a much higher payout than “outside bets” but are also harder to win.

The Good Old Martingale Strategy

Since losing has always been the trend in gambling, making up for the losses is one of the primary reasons gamblers continue betting. The Martingale Strategy has been widely used in roulette games worldwide. Here, the punter will increase the amount used for their bets after every loss, allowing them to chase for the losses after a couple of wins.

But for those who are looking to bag a huge payout, they can use the inverted version of this technique. The principle of the Reverse Martingale Strategy enables the gamblers to increase the budget used for their bets every time they win. This strategy, however, is only advised on outside bets to minimize the risk of extensive losses after a few games.


As one of the traditional casino games in the market, roulette is something that many gamblers play to have fun.  

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