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EPL 2022/2023: Current Sportsbook and Singapore Pools Favourite Odds

A new season of the English Premier League has just started with Tottenham leading the League with 3 pts and a Goal Difference of 3. Bournemouth, Arsenal, Man City, and Newcastle have also tied for 2nd with 3 pts and a Goal Difference of 2 each. The previous season’s winner, Manchester City, remains the favourite, with Singapore Pools’ current EPL odds for it being 1.65 while M8Bet’s odds show 1.50, as written on August 8, 2022. Thanks to the current odds, it’s fairly safe to say that Man City is the current favourite, but there are other teams that can still be considered such.

EPL 2022/2023: Current Sportsbook and Singapore Pools Favourite Odds

Current SG Odds for Championship Winner

In our previous EPL article, we’ve also tackled Manchester City being one of the FC clubs that have a chance of winning the EPL 2022/2023, alongside Tottenham Hotspur FC, Liverpool FC, and Chelsea FC. It’s natural to think that they’re automatically the tournament’s favourites, especially with their relatively short odds.

The current favourites are the following:

  • Manchester City – 1.65 SG Pools/ 1.50 M8Bet
  • Liverpool – 3.00 SG Pools/ 4.00 M8Bet
  • Tottenham – 8.50 SG Pools/ 14.00 M8Bet
  • Arsenal – 11.00 SG Pools/ 26.00 M8Bet
  • Chelsea – 13.00 SG Pools/ 16.00 M8Bet
  • Manchester United – 11.00 SG Pools/ 51.00 M8Bet

While it’s relatively safe to say that anyone backing Manchester City to win the EPL outright will win their bets, the outright winner isn’t the only betting option available in sportsbooks. Some sportsbooks like CMDBet typically offer odds on other options like the To Be Relegated option, which focuses on which three teams will end at the bottom and be relegated to the EFL Championship.

Possible Favourites and SG Odds for To Be Relegated Option

CMDBet typically offers odds on both the To Be Relegated and To Finish Bottom but it seems that they don’t currently offer them. CMDBet’s old odds show that Bournemouth, Nottingham Forest, and Fulham are the favourites to be relegated, with Brentford and Leeds United being possible alternative options.

As the EPL has already started, football clubs have already won and lost their matches, with Nottingham Forest ending up tied with Aston Villa, Crystal Palace, and West Ham with -2 Goal Differences each. For now, Southampton is currently the most in danger of being relegated with their -3 Goal Difference, but it’s still too early to decide which team will be relegated.

Because CMDBet doesn’t currently offer odds on the To Be Relegated Option, sports bettors can only guess which teams will end up getting relegated using the long odds offered by Singapore Pools and M8Bet.

The current likely favourites are the following:

  • Nottingham Forest– 300.00 SG Pools/ 1001.00 M8Bet
  • Fulham– 500.00 SG Pools/ 1001.00 M8Bet
  • Bournemouth AFC– 500.00 SG Pools/ 1001.00 M8Bet
  • Southampton– 300.00 SG Pools/ 1001.00 M8Bet
  • Brentford– 500.00 SG Pools/ 751.00 M8Bet

A lot of things can still happen in the EPL, so it’s safe to say that the odds can fluctuate, and different teams will end up being in danger of getting relegated.

Possible Favourites and Odds for Top Goalscorer

Apart from To Be Relegated, bettors can also see the Top Goalscorer option in CMDBet, once the sportsbook finally starts offering it again. Bettors will likely need to wait for some time until the sportsbook starts offering it again, especially since it’s still so early in the current season.

Because there are still no odds offered for the top goalscorer, bettors should focus more on checking out the previous season’s top goalscorers and see whether they’ll still perform well this season. The award for the top Premier League goalscorer, or the Premier League Golden Boot, is currently held by both Mohamed Salah and Son Heung-min, with 23 goals each.

The Sporting News has provided odds for who will likely end up as the next Premier League Golden Boot winner. The odds might change in the coming days, but monitoring them is still good. The previous season’s winners aren’t exactly the top favourites this season, with Erling Haaland having the shortest odds so far.

The current favourites are the following:

  • Erling Haaland– 3.40
  • Mohamed Salah– 4.77
  • Harry Kane– 5.47

The current top goalscorers are Aleksandar Mitrovic, Pascal Gross, and Erling Haaland, with two goals each. One goal of Mitrovic and Haaland’s two goals is a penalty kick.


The English Premier League has just started once more, and both sportsbooks and Singapore Pools have started offering outright odds for the outright winner. Bettors might not have a lot of betting options to choose from right now, but it’s still best to keep in mind that sportsbooks in Singapore can offer other options as the Premier League goes on and start researching to be ready once they’re offered again.

Many things can happen in the English Premier League, and sportsbooks might start offering odds on different options. Bettors will need to monitor them by registering in a reputable online casino in Singapore or Malaysia like CM2Bet to access several sports betting game providers.

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