What You Need to Know About Betting on Motorsports


Motorsports have been one of the most prominent sports that gamblers bet on different online betting Singapore websites. There are various motorsport betting websites that offer a wide range of markets for different races.

While wagering on motorsports can be interesting, newcomers to motorsports betting may find it challenging to learn the ropes of wagering on this type of sport. Thus, below is a guide to everything gamblers need to know about betting on motorsports:

What is Motorsport Racing?

Motorsports refer to any type of competitive racing competition involving motorized vehicles. Some motorsports varieties entail auto racing, motor rallying, motorcycle racing, air racing, and kart racing.

A driver’s goal is to be the first to cross the finish line after completing the required number of laps. Furthermore, a driver earns or loses points in different stages of the race depending on the rules of each competition. The driver who collects the most points by the end of a race season wins the championship.

Despite the existence of many different motorsports, there are a few well-known series that countless people follow. Here are some various types of motorsports below:


Formula 1

Formula 1, or F1, is one of the most popular single-seater auto-racing competitions owned by the Formula One Group and governed solely by the FIA (Federation Internationale de l’Automobile). F1 started in the 1950s and has been a highly anticipated motorsports competition worldwide.



National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, or NASCAR, is another well-viewed motor racing competition. As their name suggests, it is better recognized for stock car racing, where drivers typically race in oval tracks. The sport began in the late 1940s and has run its first race in Daytona Beach.



IndyCar races are done on both road and oval tracks. The motorsport’s first race was held in 1909 in Portland, Oregon. The IndyCar series is like F1 in that the cars are open-cockpit, single-seat designs optimized for speed.



Unlike the previously mentioned motorsports, the MotoGP series makes use of motorbikes for each race. The races take place on road circuits sanctioned by the FIM (Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme).


Motorsports Betting Tips

If gamblers want to increase their chances of winning, it is crucial to be acquainted with several factors that impact the outcome of each race competition. Punters can use the following information as a guide to gain the upper hand over other bettors.


Examine the Track

The circuits on which the drivers race is vital to consider, especially since each track is unique. For example, some road circuits have plenty of straights or tight corners. This can help establish whether a particular track would be easy to pass and overtake. Hence, bettors should know what to expect in a race circuit to determine which drivers are more likely to succeed or struggle.


The Drivers

In motorsports, punters place their bets on the drivers rather than the cars they are driving. Ultimately, a team can gain an advantage over others by utilizing every driver’s skill and the mechanics’ speed (if the race includes pitstops). Thus, analysing the top contenders prior to a race increases your chances of finding profitable motorsport odds.


Check the Weather

Another factor to keep in mind is the weather conditions. The weather can drastically influence how the drivers and their cars go through each race. For instance, cars can lose several laps when racing on a wet track. Moreover, cars or motorbikes need to get adjusted to perform their best. This is because some vehicles perform excellently in mild weather but struggle in harsh conditions.


Latest News and Statistics

The latest news and statistics are valuable tools in any sport, including motor racing. Such information is fundamental because it makes it easier for gamblers to decide race winners and losers by providing more accurate details. Accordingly, this allows people to make more informed decisions about their race betting activities.



Bettors can also find it helpful to check the rules and safety guidelines regularly. Since rules and safety regulations can alter, gamblers need to be aware of them to see how they fit into their predictions. For example, a race director decides certain safety and penalty rules in response to a racing accident.


Common Motorsports Betting Types

To become a successful motorsports bettor, players should place their Singapore sport bet based on the type of motorsport they are familiar with the most. Moreover, if you are looking for flexibility when gambling on motorsports, the following is a list of bets you should know:

Fastest Lap Bets

– This is one of the most exciting bet types since not every driver who wins the race is necessarily the fastest. The odds for each driver vary depending on the likelihood of each driver finishing with the fastest lap time.

Podium Finish Bets

– Podium finish bets require gamblers to predict the top three drivers to end up in the top three positions. This type of bet is popular in race competitions like IndyCar and F1.

Qualifying and Poles

– This type of betting allows motorsports bettors to foresee the outcome of a qualifying session. It involves choosing the players or teams who will secure the pole position in a race event.


– Outright bets are wagers on the race winner. Only one driver can win per race. As a result, outrights can be risky, especially in NASCAR, encompassing a field of 36 competitors.

Ready to Bet on Motorsports?

Motorsports is undoubtedly one of the most exciting sports that have garnered a massive following worldwide. Watching your favourite team or player at motorsports events, whether online or in person, creates an unparalleled thrill that many fans will continue to experience.

This growing interest among motor racing enthusiasts has led to the popularity of betting on the sport. Because motorsports involve numerous intricacies, punters need to be aware of the betting tips that can help them win big before placing their wagers.

A simple and concise betting strategy is also a massive advantage, especially if you have confidence and stick with it over time. Thus, whether you are a fan of Formula 1, IndyCar, NASCAR, or MotoGP, plenty of sportsbooks have begun to increase their motorsports betting markets and offers.

If you are ready to bet on your favourite motorsport teams and drivers, CM2Bet offers a wide range of online sports betting markets. Visit our website or contact us at +65 83139840 to make your wagers today!


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